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I see a lot of people really struggle with their branding. Maybe it’s because branding has been made out to be this huge all-encompassing logo that comprises an entire strategic aesthetic mixed with color psychology and data-driven scientific logo design.

And while those options exist, the fundamentals are a lot easier to implement for the average business owner.

So here are the top 3 mistakes I see the average business make with their brand and how to improve your branding.

1) Start with great colors, and use them consistently. 

Many brands choose a lot of different colors to help their brand succeed. But I’m my humble opinion, anything more than a single color with average text backgrounds can be insanely unnecessary.

Some of the best brands and brand logos are simple one-color brands. McDonald’s has bright yellow arches on a red background. The Apple logo is a white Apple usually on a black or grey background. The Nike logo is just a black swoosh.

Some logos are as simple as some well-designed text! Your branding doesn’t need a million colors unless you’re going for a Skittles or LGBTQ+ friendly vibe! Don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be.

2) If you have branding material, use it in the right places.

A brand logo belongs on your website in a couple of key places. As a left corner image in the heading, absolutely. In the footer? Sure.

But any more use of the logo on the website comes across as compensating for lack of content rather than pride in the logo.

Putting your logo on new content, your Instagram, or other social media spaces is totally fine but putting your logo everywhere is unnecessary and more often than not ends up looking bad.

3) After Designing a Good Logo, Focus on your Brand Personality 

Time and time again I see a great website with stellar creative work done on the colors, logo, and typography, but then they squander that hard work on the basic copy that looks like it was written by someone who didn’t care about the company!

So how can you improve your messaging?

Start by determining three key things that are unique to your brand and your brand alone. Maybe it’s how you produce the product, maybe it’s price, maybe it’s quality, maybe it’s customer service, maybe it’s your return policy!

Then take those fundamentals and in everything you write on the website, reference one of those fundamentals.

This may take a while and may be frustrating at first, but putting yourself in the position to always sell your product is a much better way to write on your website than writing average informative pieces.

Then take a moment and ask yourself what information does my audience need to know about this product. Then write up those answers or FAQs to be easily accessible on your web page.


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