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If you are a Metaverse, VR, or Web 3 startup project, getting your name recognized on the internet is almost more important than short-term profitability. In fact, having a strong user base is often the biggest difference between you and your biggest competitor. But as Web3 projects start to take shape, they often find themselves needing to rapidly learn how to market and distribute the interaction model of their desired app. So without further ado, here are the best marketing strategies to implement for Web3.

Web3 Content Marketing

Let’s face it, organic discoverability on the internet is owned and managed by a few of the biggest tech companies in the world who have monopolized the algorithm a bit too much. But that doesn’t mean you should neglect content marketing on these platforms.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a type of marketing strategy that focuses on the creation of content to attract and retain customers. It is a powerful tool for digital marketers as it provides an opportunity to build relationships, generate leads, and increase sales.

But let’s be honest, you already know that.

But the importance of content marketing comes from understanding where organic growth comes from. Organic growth comes from your ability to onboard and maintain new users who have never heard of your app before. Referral marketing will only take you so far. You need to be active, present, and involved on Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter and manage your own blog. This strategy can be executed in many ways. One way is by creating quality content on a budget. The main idea behind this strategy is to create content that will help your target market solve their problems or provide them with the valuable information they need.

For example, a website that helps people find the best hotels might create blog posts about the most cost-effective vacations you could go on during a recession. Their site could also focus more on editorial content, such as hotel reviews and how to book a hotel. They could also create informative videos or infographics about staying at hotels to educate their audience.

If you are looking for a good example of using a mix of metaverse and normie social media, check out how uHive does social media.

Web3 Content Distribution Marketing- How to Build your Brand and Branding business.

This is both a hybrid mix of Content marketing strategy and a separate strategy altogether.

What is a content distribution marketing strategy?

Content distribution strategy is one of the marketing strategies that can help you build your brand. It is a process of getting your content found by the right people.

For Web3 apps, this means researching your business audience and distributing that content directly to their inbox or through an app they already use.

Overall, there are many ways to distribute your content. You can create a blog, use social media, use email marketing or even create a podcast. All these methods have their own benefits and drawbacks. The main goal of distribution is to reach out to the right people and get your content heard. It is important that you identify who your audience is.

For almost every business, I recommend they start a blog because of the huge marketing benefits. You can create niche content, rank better and even address problems from your community as they arise. If you haven’t blogged before, that’s alright. There are plenty of great ai copywriters you can use at a “fremium” scale. is probably the best for helping you realize how to structure content. Using, I gained a 234% increase in site visits during the month of July alone. If you are more inclined, the best place to distribute your content is where you are most comfortable sharing and creating consistently

Many different types of distribution platforms exist from traditional blog sites, social media websites, or even video hosting sites like YouTube. There are many different ways to distribute your content which differ in the way it gets noticed. And lastly, remember the importance of links that refer back to your website. Consider writing guest posting, collaborating on SEO backlinks, or for generalized distribution, consider an automated content creator tool like Hootsuite.

Web3 Audience Targeting with Branding and Design.

woman writing notes on a table

In completely the opposite direction of content marketing, Great Web3 apps utilize audience target marketing to grow their platform.

What is Audience Target Marketing?

In simplest terms, Audience Target Marketing is targeting the Right Customer at the Right Time.

Have you considered creating a list of customers you would like to have in the next 1, 3, or 5 years? This is actually a great way to really jump-start your small business marketing efforts because you can begin to visualize the type of customer you are looking for.

If need be, you can use something like a targeted customer list generator. A targeted customer list generator is software that helps marketers target the right customers at the right time. It does this by analyzing data from multiple sources, like demographic information, past purchase history, and social media activity.

marketing strategist writing down workflow strategy notes on a whiteboard

What do I do to execute an audience target marketing campaign?

In short, you look at your competitor and try to figure out what their biggest weakness is… Then exploit it. As a bit more of a cutthroat marketing strategy, audience target marketing means spending time and resources finding out what your competitor’s clients are complaining about, then using that complaint as a target unique value proposition in your marketing copy.

What is a Unique Value Proposition?

If you are new to marketing, a Unique Value Proposition is a fundamental cornerstone of your brand’s success. I write about it more in this blog post, but a Unique Value Proposition (or UVP) is a core problem-solving statement that helps better align you to the issues your target demographic is looking to solve. For example, if you are solving problems of time, money, or resource accessibility, your UVP might look like this:

As a web designer and developer, I help startup Web3 projects become better at marketing to grow their userbase and become long-term profitable.

The best benefit you will gain from Audience Targeting is higher conversion rates on your landing page or in your ads. Audience Targeting is important for any business because you learn important things about what your customers are looking for and then how to start to use some of the other strategies listed here.

Web3 Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a killer strategy that reduces the amount of time you spend on user acquisition.

water color painting art of well designed website layouts

Using Social Media efficiently and effectively comes down to how well you onboard your new users. Social Media Marketing is important, but what happens when a visitor lands on your website? What are you doing to make it easy for people who land on your website to learn about your business and convert from there? Whatever you do, keep it simple. Your website should always have a home page that includes your logo, business name, and contact information. Here are some other things that are usually really important for your website.

  • Showcase your work: did you do a great piece of custom work for a client? Was someone you worked with really happy about your service? All these items can be effectively and efficiently showcased on your website to help convert.

  • Team info- Include pictures of staff members with bios about what they do for the company. People like to read more about the people at a business they are supporting. Especially if you are local, don’t be shy and get a picture of you and your team up on your website! At Big Red jelly, our 2nd most visited page every month is our About Us page.

Web3 Pricing Strategies for Marketing

Creating an efficient marketing design strategy almost always starts with understanding a good pricing model. For many web3 businesses, they often give up and just go for a traditional crypto NFT funding scheme.

two people reviewing web designs on a laptop

Just because your business doesn’t follow traditional pricing mechanisms, doesn’t mean you can ignore your pricing. If you are looking to grow your app without losing too much money on wasted opportunities, you need to take a serious look at what your pricing strategy looks like. Marketers have always been struggling with the question of pricing. How much should they charge for their products or services? What is the right price for a product or service? What price will attract customers and sell more?

an android table and papers showing data analytics

You need to find that balance between what people can afford, what is a good price point, and what will actually sell. This is a delicate balance between quality, quantity, and generating revenue. One thing that you can do is take a deep look at your pricing structure and see if there are any additional services you offer or don’t offer that could bring in some additional revenue to your business.

For example, if you offer a product that people generally buy on a recurring schedule, have you considered offering a subscription? Subscriptions are very popular and almost every industry has one item that can bring customers back into the store with little to no effort by creating a discounted subscription mode. Take a look at your pricing structure and see what you can offer to be more competitive and generate revenue.

BONUS Marketing Strategy: Will AI be able to help you reach your customers better in 2022 or 2023?

people writing marketing designs on a whiteboard

Technology has been advancing rapidly in recent years, and this has led to a rapid increase in the number of new products and services that are being developed. One of the most significant developments is how artificial intelligence (AI) is being used to make life easier for people. AI can be used in a number of different ways, and one way it can be used is to help companies reach customers better than ever before.

An article on by Ryan Hoover discusses how AI can help companies reach their customers better than ever before. It talks about how technology has made it easier for businesses to reach their customers, but with advances in AI, this process could be improved even more. The article also talks about some of the ways that AI can be used to improve customer experience management and customer service operations.

In 2022, copywriting apps are becoming more and more common. These are pretty simple text-generating apps like and that use the power of the internet to influence their writing style. If you already use a strategy, you might be able to improve your SEO or copywriting strategy with these up-and-coming tools.

If you like a lot of these strategies I outlined, you might notice that most of them begin with or lead to a well-designed website. If you are interested in getting a well-designed website for your small business that is easy to manage, check out where I work with clients just like you every day.

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