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In 2022, I spent a lot of time refining, developing, and curating my posting style. I went through a lot of phases and tried out a lot of things. I wrote a blog about everything that came to mind from What is the Metaverse? to Best Buddhism Books for Beginners. Each of these posts means a lot to me and I am hopeful they found the right people to deliver a great reading or guide, even if for just a few minutes of your day.

In 2023, I have big plans for the Metaverse Marketing blog. In short – there have been a couple of big problems I have wanted to address with this blog for a while. The biggest problem I want to address in 2023 is content quality. This blog has been an excellent place for me to voice my thoughts. With everything from marketing industry tips and my ADHD diagnosis, to spiritual growth and my latest dive into the world of VR. Although these posts have been much better than the kind of posts I originally wrote, they do not quite reflect the best posts I can write.

A More Ethical and Honest Blog is Coming!

As I grow as a marketing professional, I continuously see the value of transparency and honesty in everything you do.  In many ways, I have lost track of my goals for this blog I started back in 2019. The goal of this blog was to show my progress as a marketing professional and stay grounded in my foundational value of open communication. In many ways, I have lost track of that goal.

Review my Marketing Plan for 2023

To keep my goal in mind, I have drafted an outline of my marketing goals for the Metaverse Marketer brand in 2023. In short, I want to create a community of like-minded individuals who see the value and importance of marketing in our society, but recognize the problems or frustrations that come along with running a modern marketing strategy.

I welcome your feedback on my marketing plan. I hope I can work together with my audience to build a better blog and brand in 2023. Click Here to download the full PDF or keep scrolling to view the marketing plan in full below this line.

The Metaverse Marketing 2023 Digital Marketing Plan. 


Goals and Critical Analysis of Existing Material. 

Goal 1: Create a community of engaged followers. 

The Metaverse Marketer has been my blog for a little over a year. I enjoy writing blog posts about marketing and have enjoyed sharing tips, tutorials and strategy guides on my blog. But I want to grow the community side of the blog to interact more with my followers. 

Goal 2: provide valuable information for businesses that are stuck and frustrated with marketing 

Instead of growing for the sake of making money, I want to create a valuable blog that small to medium businesses can rely on for solid, non-profit motivated content.

Goal 3: Become a Marketing Thought Leader 

On the personal side, I want to become an influencer of marketing thought to help influence the attitudes and goals of the marketing industry for the better. 


Goal 4: Change the advertising industry For the better. 

Customer attitudes towards advertisements and marketing are increasingly negative – but they don’t have to be. 

Marketing can be a miraculous method for delivering value to people. Businesses provide amazing services that customers appreciate – even if they don’t know it. 

And customers WANT businesses that provide that immense value to them. To help bridge the between these two desires, marketing serves as a way to connect businesses that want to help customers to customers that want or need the help the business provides. 

Unfortunately, the paradigm behind marketing and communication is tainted by historically dishonest and badly informed marketing practices. 

Businesses need better information on how to do their marketing better and I believe I can offer valuable information to them. 



The Metaverse Marketer needs a better branding strategy. I have an idea of what the metaverse Marketer is, but have made big errors in branding and personifying the value propositions that the Metaverse Marketer brings to the table. 

As a personal blog, the brand has been all over the place. Some articles are product reviews, some articles are marketing tips, some articles are cryptocurrency related, some articles are related to Buddhism, some articles are related to ADHD. 

Though each of these articles are historically fun and I am proud of each of them, they don’t fit the brand or the goals of the brand I outlined above. 

The metaverse Marketer deserves a better brand and the followers deserve a more concise blog personality. This, I need to spend some time building out the: 

  • Creating the brand style guide including but not limited to the following elements 
    • Color scheme 
    • Brand values 
    • Mission statement 
    • Unique Value propositions 
    • Typography 
    • Brand voice
      • Tone 
    • Logo 
    • Services / products 
    • Honesty and advertising policy. 

As I build out the brand, I want it to feel consistent across all areas people interact with me. Across social media, the blog itself, the messaging etc. 


2023 Marketing Burnout Prevention guide 

As with building out any sort of business idea, it’s very easy to over commit to the idea and break limitations for the sake of ‘getting this post out now.’

Despite feeling very important in the moment, no marketing task is ever more important that my health, my relationships with family and friends, finishing my education, or my day job. 

In the past, I have forgotten or ignored that fact and neglected my wife, my work, my schooling and my family. To prevent that from occurring again in the future, I have the following limitations I want to follow for 2023. 


  1. Homework needs to be finished before writing or working on my side project. 
  2. My wife can ask me to leave my side project at any time, and I will honor those requests in a timely manner. 
  3. Working on my side project shouldn’t merge or interfere with my work as a web designer, growth strategist, or support strategist at Big Red jelly. 

Following these guidelines, I believe I should be able to limit my burnout and maintain a healthy relationship with building my personal brand. 


2023 Website Goals and Content Schedule 

Only affiliating with brands I truly recommend. 

True to my beliefs, I don’t see anything wrong with profiting off of my honest recommendations of products, services, or businesses that provide tremendous value to customers, followers, or businesses. Both I, and my followers can and should benefit from services that provide immense value to their business, their marketing strategy, etc. 

But in the past, I have made the mistake of getting involved with brands before I know I enjoy or value their services. This has led to frustration on my end where I feel obligated to learn about the value they present to turn a profit on their affiliate link. 

This is a dishonest method of finding value for customers, where instead of knowing there is value and validating the value before recommending the product or service, I look for value that may not be there for the sake of profit. 

In 2023, I will be more conscious of recommending and including advertisements that are only supported by businesses I know support my vision for a better marketing future and can support my goal of honest advertising for the future of the industry. 

Write more targeted and focused blogs with quality content that users will appreciate. 

In my excitement to try an AI copywriting software and in my inexperience as a blogger, I have gone for quantity over quality of blog posts. 

My goal for 2022 was to create a blog post and share it once a week. This posting schedule, though sustainable and achievable, forced me to compromise on the quality of content to get it out into the world. 

Instead of publishing a post every week, I will focus instead on publishing a higher quality and more dense blog post once every 2 weeks. With more information and clearer targets on content, I believe I can create more value for my followers and my future marketing community. 


Better Branded / Marketing focused – Website Design 

In 2022, I realized that Big Red Jelly would collaborate with me to help me run this website as an investment in my brand’s growth. I really appreciate that and spent a lot of time this year thinking about who and what the home page should be. 

Because historically I already had a blog, I was stuck between trying to honor my old blogging persona and developing my work related brand. This conflict made it hard to solidify my content strategy and I was all over the place with the blogs I was writing. 

Better Organization of Content 

I don’t want to get rid of the blogs that are important to me quite yet, even if they are not super relevant to my businesses brand. My brand is honest, and that includes writing about the parts of my brand that are not at all related to marketing. But that malkes it hard for my audience to find the content they are looking for or enjoy. 

So in 2023, I will refocus my blog organization and my website. Below are the goals for recentering my website and organizing my blog in a way that makes intuitive sense 

  1. My marketing tips and resources are my first priority – Blog structure should reflect that 
    1. Rough draft of blog structure on website 
      1. Marketing
        1. Customer Experience 
        2. Web Design 
        3. Budget Marketing Tips 
        4. B2B
        5. Social Media
        6. Commentary 
      2. Resources 
        1. Analytics Tips 
        2. Recomended Tools 
        3. Shopify Development – Nocode
        4. WordPress Development – Nocode
        5. HTML/ CSS/JS/LiquidWeb
      3. Fun Content 
        1. VR content 
        2. Passion Projects
        3. Personal/Spiritual 
        4. Other / Misc 
          1. This should mostly be a place to archive old blogs that don’t quite fit. 

Target Keywords

Based on the above target structure of my blog, I want to try and use the following keywords to help with discovery and community building 

  • Marketing Keywords 
    • How to build an audience 
      • On facebook, 
      • Twitter 
      • Instagram
      • From nothing 
      • For affiliate marketing 
      • On tik tok 
      • Without social media 
    • Customer Experience Model 
      • Why is customer experience important 
      • Great customer service examples 
    • Web Design 
      • 10 principles of good web design 
      • Practical Web Design 
      • Landing page Design 
      • Web Design Strategy 
      • Web Development 
      • Html 
    • Free Marketing Plan 2023 
    • B2B Digital Marketing Strategy 
  • Resources Keywords 
    • Google Analytics 
    • Smartlook Analytics 
    • Meta Business Analytics 
    • Twitter Analytics 
    • Hubspot Analytics 
    • Analytics tools 
  • Fun Content Keywords 
    • VR 
      • VR Meditation
      • VR Workout 
      • VR Marketing 
      • VR Headset 
        • Quest 2 / 3 
      • VR Apps for Quest 
      • VR News 
      • Is VR… 
        • Bad for kids 
        • Bad for your brain 
        • Worth it in 2022 
    • Metaverse 
      • What is exactly metaverse 
      • Ow do I get into the metaverse 
      • What is zuckerberg metaverse
      • Meaning
      • App 
      • Company 
      • Facebook 
    • Meta 
      • Zuckerberg 
      • Digital 
      • Business suite 
    • AI
      • Change my gender 
      • Art generator 
      • Companies 
      • Books 
      • Image generator 
      • Art 
      • Meta 
      • Charbot 
      • Is AI
        • art
          • Art really art 
          •  theft 
          • Copyrighted 
          • Ethical 
          • Stealing art 
          • Cheating 
        • Going to replace 
        • Dangerous 
        • Real 

None of these keywords are exhaustive or deserves a permanent place on this list. This is only to give me an outline of important keywords to keep in mind for blog posts and provide a rough outline for the future of the blog. 

These keywords should be reviewed on a quarterly basis and compared to SEO data for bests results. 


Social Media / Sharing Strategy 

Grow a Twitter and Facebook Following 

While focusing on my blog, I decided halfway through the year to start a twitter and facebook account to promote my blog posts. These were create more chaotically than I would like and I would like to refine my posting strategy, and methodology. 

Use feedback form social to make better content 


Historically, I allowed SEO to be the main influencing factor of every blog post. Every post was made to attempt to rank for a search queery. I don’t plan to abandon that element of strategy, but as part of my goal to create a community focused on ethical, practical, and valuable marketing, I want to include my community’s feedback in creating great marketing content 

Guides to Create and Distribute for the Community As Welcome Resources 

In 2023, I want to create a couple invaluable resources to both encourage people to join my community and to demonstrate my goal of bringing additional value to the community over time. 

To keep everything within reason, I will only include 2 items here to create for distribution for 2023 since I will be attending my hopefully final year of school and moving out of our current apartment halfway through the year to downsize and save up for our first home. 

  1. A Template Marketing Plan for B2B companies – Due by May 30, 2023
  2. A Template Marketing Plan for B2C companies – Due by August 30, 2023

It’s likely I won’t be able to get each of these guides ready for distribution by the end of 2023. I want to take my time with each and recommend quality tools, recommendations, etc. in each guide. Its likely they won’t be read in their entirety by most of my audience, but those who do should feel that the entire guide is a legitimate plan their company can use to improve and grow their business in the year 2024. 

Create and Better Identify My Audience 


In 2022, I started taking my blog seriously without taking my audience seriously. Instead of writing for the purpose of creating value for a community, I was creating content with the goal of “just grow!” 

Though this was an appropriate goal at the time, my ambition for the blog has grown. I no longer just want it to be a blog that can rank for a few important search terms, but I want it to be a solid community building project. 

In my personal goals, I want to be able to back up my recommendations and marketing strategies with real world examples. I want my word to matter and have proof behind it. I want to be able to say in an interview at a tech company in 5 years that I have experience building and nurturing a community of people that share my vision. I want to have the experience using ads, content, email marketing, branding, and strategy to build a digital presence that is valuable to both myself and my followers. 


To execute that goal, I need to better understand who and why my audience follows my blog. I want to understand what makes them tick, where they come from, and how I can be a better resource for them. 

To understand my audience better, I will use shockingly honest ads that instead of asking the audience member for something, I will provide the audience member with something and pay for the privilege of finding them. 

I will use ads and analytics tools to discover who wants this kind of information. Who is actively searching online for an ethical, practical, and passionate marketing advocate to share their experience with them. 


The ultimate solution is to create a overview of 3-4 marketing personas that fit my target demographic. 


Each marketing persona, to be complete in scope, needs to include the following information 

  • Age, sex, demographics. 
  • Values, Morals, and Attitudes 
  • Persona Story, & history
  • Their Business Goals 
  • Their ideal business 
  • An image that can help me visualize their persona 




There will be a lot of changes to the Metaverse Marketing brand and website in 2023. I am really excited with this model for how I want to grow my platform and welcome any feedback or criticism of my plans here. I am publishing this marketing plan as a way to be completely transparent with my audience and demonstrate good faith. 


Its important to me that my audience can trust me to provide valuable material and that my recommendations can be taken without needing to double check the validation. I also recognize that level of trust comes with a lot of transparency on my end so as I make adjustments, this will be available for view. 


Thank you for your support and here is to the growth of everyone reading this in 2023!


Let’s go make something awesome together!


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