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The Oculus Quest 2 is the most popular latest standalone virtual reality gaming experience. With VR becoming more popular in quest 2, many game publishers are pushing the boundaries of immersive gaming worlds by expanding their open-world games to Quest 2. Though there are dozens of open-world games you could play using quest 2’s PC link to integrate with PCVR, our article today will focus on the best Open World games for Oculus Quest 2 that you can play without any PC or demand to connect to PCVR.

Most Immersive Open World Games for Oculus Quest 2

Journey of the Gods – 4.5 Stars Based on 1,800+ Reviews

Journey of the Gods is an open-world VR Action- RPG game with a wide and expansive world which is very impressive for supporting Quest 2 natively! It features totally free movement, engaging combat at both ranged and melee, and an interesting storyline filled with mysteries.

As the hero, you are asked to unlock godly power to escape encroaching darkness by combatting celestial servants of the Chaos moon.

This is both a great open-world game for standing and sitting and Roomscaled VR on Quest 2 that will scratch the itch of Action and RPG open-world enthusiasts alike. Plus its very kid friendly at an e10+ rating so you can share this awesome VR experience with your kids.

Zenith: the Last City – 4.3 Stars Based on 6400+ reviews

Zenith the last City may be the most expansive and immersive VR title you can install on the quest 2. Reviewers have called it one of the first true MMORPG game for the quest 2 with expansive environments and the ability to truly become or do anything in this amazing VR title.

There are 2 class systems (with a other class coming soon) that allow you to try your hand at different combat types and level up your character the exact way you want to.

In addition to the classic things you can do in an open world VR title, you can cook, grind, complete main quests or side missions, world events to participate in, raiding, dungeons, and all while playing along with your friends

Sculptr VR: 4.4 Stars based on 350+ Reviews

Sculptr VR is known as a great Minecraft-like experience where you and your friends can create and interact with brilliant worlds together. Unlike Minecraft VR, you aren’t dropped into an open world but have the ability to create your own open world using your Quest 2 Controllers. You and your friends can create and contribute to an open world of procedurally generated landscapes, mine deep underground, and even destroy your friend’s creations with rockets!

If you or your kids are looking for a great open-world Minecraft-like experience, this app is awesome to test out your creativity with a nice digital sculpting experience.

Thief Simulator VR: Greenview Street – 4.2 Stars Based on 1100+ Reviews

Don’t let the overly simplistic title here throw you off, Theif Simulator is much more expansive than the name would suggest. As “the Theif,” you explore a sandbox open world city to hide, sneak, climb, steal, and hack various resources owned by NPC’s.

Despite it not sharing the same story mode or all the same interactive elements of Grand Theft Auto V, many consider this game to be the best GTA5 comparison on the Quest 2 Store to date.

The similarities between GTA5 and Thief simulator have only gotten bigger with the release of the Grand Thief Auto Update at the beginning of 2023. The Gran Thief Auto update allows “Car-customization” in the Junkyard with a new location you can drive to after finishing your missions.

Song in the Smoke – 4.5 Stars based on 500+ reviews

Song in the Smoke is an Open World Survival game that asks you to both hunts and survives in wildly different environments guided by your ancestors. With elements of weapons, potions, and clothes crafting, this open-world game has been a high-quality representation of what it would be like to survive in the wild. The core gameplay is similar to Far Cry: Primal, primarily revolving around defending from animal attacks, hunting, and building.

With a completely unique art style and highly praised game mechanics, this game released back in 2021 is still considered one of the best games you can install on your Quest 2. Though it is rated T for Teens so it may not be the best game to allow your kids to play if they get easily frightened by blood, gore, and violence.

Green Hell VR – 4.2 Stars Based on 2500 Reviews

Green Hell VR is not for the faint of heart. This Open World Survival game is rated M for Mature because it takes the concept of Song in the Smoke and doubles down on all the elements that make it feel realistic.

In Green Hell VR, play Jake Higgins (an anthropologist) that gets stranded in a forest with nearly nothing to help him survive. To survive, you don’t necessarily have to kill animals but they will attack you if provoked. So Green Hell VR utilizes crafting, resource hunting, and healing elements to make sure you survive against the elements.

That’s not all, the game is constantly working against you with constant weather-changing patterns as well as character statuses you will need to adjust dynamically like thirst, fatigue, disease, mental health, and more.

Originally a PCVR exclusive, Game Developer Incuvo S.A. took advantage of the latest VR technology to port this game to Quest 2 in 2022 with limited hiccups.

Best Open World Shooter Games for Quest 2

Population 1: Sandbox: 4.3 Stars Based on 11,400+ Reviews

If you are a PC or Console gamer and really enjoyed the thrill of playing Fortnight, PUBG, or Call of Duty: Warzone, Population 1 might be the best VR shooter game to satisfy your VR battle royale itch. Like all the other shooters, after dedicated time intervals, your playable map shrinks and the pressure to engage in combat increases with every moment you play. Best of all, as of today this game is completely free to play!

Population 1 is a VR shooter game that allows you to drop in either solo, with duos, or as a team of 4 to attempt to be the last team standing in a vast open world. As you drop in, you can find guns, ammo, and gun upgrades to help you and your team make it to the end of the match.

Another big bonus of Population is the Sandbox update which allows users of the game to develop their own maps and even brings some additional game modes. Different game modes allow for different mechanics like building, climbing, flying, Map Building, and Custom Game Environments.

Into the Radius: 4.8 Stars Based on 3,300+ reviews

Into the Radius is a massive open-world survival shooter that runs really well on the standalone Quest 2. In this open dystopian world, you explore miles of forests, swamps, and ruins of industrial facilities to fight off and survive against unique zombie-like opponents. But don’t let that description fool you, this is not a zombie shooter.

Into the Radius asks you to maintain your weaponry by cleaning, managing different ammo types, and upgrading your weapon’s attachments so they run well while exploring the open world.

Into the Radius gives you just the right amount of Open-World and Survival elements to make it into one of the top Open World Games on Quest 2 with a rating of 4.8 stars, this may be the best open-world game on our list to date.

Resident Evil 4 – 4.7 Stars based on 10,900+ ratings

This classic title from 2005 is one of the most popular VR open-world style shooters available on the market. Fans of the classic Resident Evil Franchise get to experience this classic zombie shooter in VR with support for both sitting and standing modes.

If you are new to the resident evil franchise, the game takes the player on a journey through a world of zombies and intense action, where every move counts. The graphics are stunningly realistic, and the sound design is perfectly immersive. The gameplay is fluid and intuitive, making it easy for both beginners and experienced gamers to get into the game.

This VR zombie combat shooter allows for multiple interaction styles and now includes a Free Made for VR Challenges Mode. Reviewers have praised it for the interaction and gameplay mechanics that make moving around corners, waiting for zombies to appear, and reloading your gun feels so real and adds to the stress of the game! Use my link to get 25% off the combined Base Game and Mercenaries Mode.

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Open World Space Games for Quest 2

Red Matter 2 – 4.8 Stars based on 1000+ Reviews

The Follow up to Red Matter 1, Red matter 2 allows you to explore a vast dystopian open world and solve puzzle-adventure games in the far reaches of space. As Sasha, you explore bases, solve puzzles, and engage in combat. This game has earned a close to 5 star rating by the Quest 2 community for its beautiful atmosphere and the feeling of “entering a new universe.

Red matter 2 offers a truly engaging and open-world experience on Quest 2 that does not require any additional hardware, yet still has amazing graphics and very intuitive controls that allow even the most inexperienced of gamers to try it out.

Cosmodread – 4.5 Stars Based on 700+ Reviews

Are you ready to face your deepest fears? Cosmodread is an immersive VR survival horror game that will take you on an unforgettable journey. You will find yourself trapped in a spaceship filled with horrific monsters that you must explore and survive. With the use of Quest 2 technology, Cosmodread offers players an open-world experience full of thrilling challenges and intense battles against powerful enemies.

This unique virtual reality game is truly like no other. With rich and immersive atmospheres, hidden resources to help you find your way home, and the ability to play through it multiple times with a different experience each time, this VR game sets itself apart from the traditional ones.

Not only does it offer an incredibly realistic experience, but it also allows players to explore new paths of gameplay that can be discovered each time they try again. Unlike traditional VR games, every time you play through this game you play in a completely different procedurally generated layout so you won’t ever run into the same situation twice.

The interaction of this new title is truly next level with a crouching or trap setting that is sure to challenge even the most experienced experts in the genre. With an array of puzzling scenarios and strategic problem-solving opportunities, this title offers an immersive gaming experience that will keep you on your toes.

Best Open World Sci-Fi and Fantasy Games for Oculus Quest 2 in 2023

Iron Man VR – 4.2 Stars Based on 850+ Reviews

Although many might argue against this being an Open World Adventure game, Iron Man VR actually has a very interactive yet controlled environment. You swap between playing as both Iron Man and Tony stark with between missions taking you back to either Tony’s richly designed Mansion or the Stage you give your first presentation in during Iron man 2.

The levels are also very open-world focused as you fly around open cities, stark tower, and mountain terrain, you will definitely get that sense of open-world VR immersion goodness. Open-world virtual reality is a whole new way to experience immersive gaming. With the latest levels available in open-world VR, you can explore and fly around stunning cities, towers, and mountain terrain.

The level design and visuals create a sense of exploration and discovery that cannot be matched by other gaming experiences. Open-world VR offers an unparalleled level of immersion that will take your gaming experience to the next level.

Blade and Sorcery Nomad – 4.3 Stars based on 25,500+ Reviews

One of the best and most popular fantasy open-world style VR titles is Blade and Sorcery – Nomad. Originally a PSVR game developed by independent game developer studio Warp Frog, this game was ported to Quest 2 as a medieval fantasy sandbox with a dedicated focus on melee, ranged, and magical combat.

As one of the most popular VR titles of all time, our open-world list wouldn’t be complete without it. Though there is not currently a base objective to either the PCVR or Quest 2 version, Blade and Sorcery still feels massive and expansive with multiple maps to explore and different game modes to run. In combat, you can choose between close combat styles with heavy swords to match, close to mid-ranged combat using sorcery, or even use ranged combat with a dedicated bow and arrow. Truly, the only thing limiting your combat style is your creativity as you can also mix and match these styles depending on the mode or match style.

Use my link to get 25% off Blade and Sorcery Nomad down below if this game is for you.

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In Death – Unchained

In Death, Unchained is one of the most in-depth and rich open-world fantasy titles we’ve ever played. This open-world fantasy game has something for everyone. With its deep character development, thrilling storylines, and captivating visuals, you will be transported to a world full of mystery and adventure. Explore Heaven, Purgatory, and an all-new Abyss and Demon’s realm as you search for answers to the ongoing conflict between good and evil.

Immersed in a world of virtual reality, players of the Quest 2 VR title are being treated to an immersive experience that includes a decent archery experience and overall physics. Described as a Rogue-like title, players won’t find the game too hard or too easy. Instead, the game provides them with an enjoyable and challenging combat experience.

The game developer behind In Death Unchained is also highly responsive to their user base with a recent example of keeping the Demonic Sigils game mode for experienced users due to community feedback. But this being a game similar to the Souls Series, Superbright opted to lock this game mode behind some experience since you will undoubtedly need it before playing. If you have been looking for something like Dark Souls or Elden Ring to play on your Quest 2 in VR, look no further.

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