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This page is currently in development by the Metaverse Marketer. In the meantime, check out my blog for the latest tips, tricks, and updates for creating your marketing foundations.


The Metaverse Marketer

Working in the Metaverse is a Nightmare for Small Businesses

I brought my Oculus Quest 2 to work go try and work in the metaverse.…
Marketing ClassWeb Design

7 Website Conversion Tips for Businesses

How to Grow your Digital Marketing Conversions by 15% Over Time

The Secret Shopify Features that Grow Sales by 10%

Have an idea for an Ecommerce Startup? These are the 5 best hidden features of…

The Best VR Meditation Apps for Oculus Quest – Updated for 2023!

Meditation is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety and VR meditation is a…

No, Shopify is not bad for SEO.

Learn how to optimize your Shopify website for SEO to achieve better organic search results.
marketingThe Metaverse MarketerWeb Design

Web3 Marketing Strategies for 2022 – Web Design and UX

5 Expert Marketing Tips for Web3 projects from a Web Marketing Expert.
iphone colors

What Your iPhone Color Says About You

Have you ever wondered what the color of your iPhone says about your personality? The…
how to get a free government iphone

How to Get A Free Government iPhone

Are you interested in getting a free government iPhone but not sure where to start?…
Apple Stock down and Meta Stock Up pending Vision pro release

Apple and Meta Stocks Trade Blows Amidst Disappointing Vision Pro Reviews

With only one more day until the Vision Pro is available for release to the…
Tech WritingVR

How Unreal Engine 4 Could Change VR Development for the Better

Unreal Engine 4 has been all the rage across gave development circles with articles like…
Gaming on the Vision pro

200 Games Confirmed for Vision Pro Launch

Hey there, fellow tech enthusiasts and VR fans. Today, I'm bubbling with excitement as I…
Doja Cat VR Concert

VR Concerts & Why Nobody Cares | Fortnite Concerts VS VR Concerts

Welcome back to, where we decode the future of digital experiences. In today's post,…
Sony VR Headset with Spatial Recognition Ring

Sony’s VR Headset to come with “Spatial” Smart Control Ring

Today, I’m diving into the latest buzz in the VR world – Sony’s new VR…
Apple Vision Pro will Fail

6 Reasons Why Apple Vision Pro Will Fail

When Apple announced the Vision Pro late in 2023, we all learned about Apple's vision…
how to brand like Apple

Can Apple’s Vision Pro VR Headset Save the VR industry?

Virtual reality (VR) technology has come a long way since its inception, captivating users with…
Trump NFT Trading Cards
Crypto News

What Trump NFT’s Mean for the Future of Crypto-Politics

In recent years, a new phenomenon has taken the art world by storm - Non-Fungible…
A bunch of anoying marketing and attention signs
ADHDPersonal DevelopmentUncategorized

How the Attention Economy F***** Our Brains – Why ADHD is Everywhere Now

In today's digital age, our attention is constantly being sought after and competed for. This…