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This page is currently in development by the Metaverse Marketer. In the meantime, check out my blog for the latest tips, tricks, and updates for creating your marketing foundations.


The Metaverse Marketer

Working in the Metaverse is a Nightmare for Small Businesses

I brought my Oculus Quest 2 to work go try and work in the metaverse.…
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7 Website Conversion Tips for Businesses

How to Grow your Digital Marketing Conversions by 15% Over Time

The Secret Shopify Features that Grow Sales by 10%

Have an idea for an Ecommerce Startup? These are the 5 best hidden features of…

The Best VR Meditation Apps for Oculus Quest – Updated for 2023!

Meditation is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety and VR meditation is a…

No, Shopify is not bad for SEO.

Learn how to optimize your Shopify website for SEO to achieve better organic search results.
marketingThe Metaverse MarketerWeb Design

Web3 Marketing Strategies for 2022 – Web Design and UX

5 Expert Marketing Tips for Web3 projects from a Web Marketing Expert.
The Metaverse Marketer

How Google My Business Can Double Organic SEO Traffic

Use Google My Business to 3X your SEO Results Today
The Metaverse Marketer

The 5 Best Free Shopify Apps for 3x Conversions in 2023

The Best Shopify Apps for Every Dropshipping and Ecommerce Store in 2023
The Metaverse Marketer

Googles Bard is Chat GPT with Kid Gloves.

How does Bard AI stack up against Bing and ChatGPT
MeditationPersonal Development

CBD for Meditation: The Key to Unlocking Deeper Self Awareness

Mindful meditation has been used for centuries to help people relax and find inner peace.…
The Metaverse Marketer

5 Reasons Web3 Domains Are Better Than Regular Domains

5 of the best benefits of Web3 Domains for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses
Tech WritingVR

Understanding Meta Layoffs: What It Means for the VR Industry – Analysis

What do the New Meta Layoffs Mean for the Future of VR development?

How to Add Variant Selectors in Shopify on Collection Pages

What are variant selectors and can you edit them in Shopify Collections? Learn More

Best Open World Games for Oculus Quest 2 in 2023 – No PC Required

What are the best open-world vr games to download on oculus quest 2?

How VR can Improve Health for People with Disabilities like Kidney Disease

How VR is Helping Disabled People Get Better Workouts
Crypto News

Is there hope for Cryptocurrency in 2023? Crypto currency explained after FTX

After the FTX scandal, many are wondering if cryptocurrency is just another scam fad that…
The Metaverse Marketer

How to Sell Virtual Products on Shopify – 2 methods

How to sell digital goods like Video and Documenta on Shopify.
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