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In the early days of blogging, I didn’t care if I had enough keywords, if my h1 h2, and h3 tags were optimized, or if I had any traction on my site or not. It was a really good time. I was writing blog posts I was passionate about, every blog post was fun and I cared about every word I wrote. 

Why You Shouldn’t Write Blog Posts Exclusively for Clicks

I was chatting with a close friend of mine when I happened to mention some money struggles I was experiencing at the time. I am not particularly great with money but I like to consider myself above average. I don’t spend unnecessarily and I usually end up using my purchases heavily and waste very little. 

In the conversation, my friend recommended a book about making my “money work for me.” I’d heard of these kinds of books before and this person was someone smart that I trusted. I decided I would give it a shot and see what happened.

Unfortunately, books that motivate you to make money are not the best marketing, self-help, or even mental health reads. Looking back, this particular book phrases a lot of money struggles in a way that can be interpreted as “old school.” It encourages spending money to make money, taking a serious look at your cash flow in and cash flow out. But the problem with these books (in my opinion) is it is way to subjective to give you any real advice. 

I never really wanted to monetize my blog…

Looking back, I never really wanted to monetize my blog. But because of the literature, I was reading, the bug of “passive money making” caught me. I felt like I needed to do everything and anything in my power to make money. For me, that meant taking my budding skillset for marketing and SEO and turning it into a profit machine. But if I’m being honest, I didn’t have any expertise to offer at the time. 

I’m just a college senior terrified of being average when they graduate. I design WordPress websites for an agency and am nervous the advice I give to small businesses is not quite savvy or niche enough to give them solid advice.

The imposter syndrome that plagues many in my career field hit me harder than ever and I am saying enough. I spend too much time in my daily work fixating on the numbers, focusing on the analytics, determining best marketing practices… I enjoy it too.

There is such thing as too much of a good thing…

I actually really enjoy writing about marketing, web design, copywriting, branding… everything to do with the marketing field. But doing so 24/7 is too much. So this is my return to the entertaining factor of blogging. Writing about marketing from my perspective and including ux / ui tips that make it valuable for others.

I’m going to be making a return to my basics of marketing blogging. To show people the ways they can improve their business online with just a few online adjustments or just a couple of tweaks.

Instead of long-form blog posts, I want to make quick and succinct blogs that speak my mind. Not AI-generated copy with a touch of my own voice.

This is me calling myself out. If you have been watching or reading in the background, thanks for your support!


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