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Do You Need a Business to Start a Shopify Store?

If you are in the United States, you may not need a business to start a Shopify store but using a business ID may make sense for ou depending on your unique situation. Again, it’s always best to consult a tax specialist about your Shopify store. However, Avalara is a great integration if you are looking to supplement your tax specialist with dedicated information from your store.

How much does a Shopify Store Cost?

Shopify stores are charged about $29 per month or half that if you pay annually. Prices outside the US or for additional features may differ.

Is Shopify Good for Medium or Enterprise Businesses?

Where Shopify really shines is its ability to scale for medium or enterprise businesses. Though it can be hard for first-time store owners to build, Shopify is an awesome platform for medium and enterprise businesses to offer a truly global eCommerce experience.

As you grow, Shopify offers a dedicated Enterprise solution called Shopify Plus that helps prevent your store from crashing when there’s excess traffic and unifies all your potential stores under one banner.

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