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Shopify Meta Objects and Metafields

What Are Shopify Meta Objects

Shopify Meta Objects are text, image, or video data pieces you can use to expand the customizability of your Shopify Product, Collection, or Home page. Oftentimes, new Shopify store owners make the mistake of trying to customize their Default Product Template. Instead, using Shopify Meta Objects, you can add additional details to your Shopify products without needing to change your product template.

For most Shopify store owners, Shopify Meta Objects are a good nice to have, but not necessary to run a successful eCommerce store.

What is Shopify Meta Fields?

Shopify Metafields are high-level containers that can hold multiple types of Meta Objects. Meta Objects and Meta Fields have been historically available in Liquid Web code, but they were made available in Shopify without code in early 2023.

Shopify’s meta field interface is pretty new and stores have not yet taken full advantage of them. Much like Metaobjects, Metafields may not be necessary to build out for your Shopify store.

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