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What is the Shopify Page Structure?

Shopify is organized with a hierarchical structure that is focused on delivering the best e-commerce website according to modern web development standards. This can be confusing for first-time Shopify website developers when a page they created or a product they just edited is applying those edits to every page, product, or collection. So it’s important to understand how Shopify organizes each of these pages so you can design an eCommerce Website quickly and efficiently.

Understand the Shopify Page Hierarchy System

Shopify structures its websites with a Home page & Contact Page, Product & Collection pages, and Checkout & Cart pages by default. These pages fit into an informational hierarchy format for eCommerce websites that are designed to be easy to navigate.

Shopify by default prioritizes the home page, then the collection, then the product pages. This structure helps keep your URL’s on your Shopify store optimized for organic search results and simplifies their structure for popular ad networks like Facebook Ads, Twitter, Ads, and Google Ads,

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