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Do you need to use Liquid code to design a shopify store?

No, to answer that right off the bat, most shopify stores do not need to ever write a single line of code to get up and running. But to get everything just perfect, you may often need to add a little bit of HTML, CSS, or Javascript to get it running. If thats scary, don’t worry. CSS and HTML are the simplest bits of internet language to read and shopify is making it easier every day to incorporate code in simple ways.

When designing a Shopify store, you’ll typically use a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in conjunction with Liquid code to create custom templates and themes. Liquid allows you to insert dynamic content into these templates, including product information, collections, blog posts, and more.

Shopify does provide a range of pre-designed themes that can be customized using a visual editor, which doesn’t require coding knowledge. However, if you want to create a truly unique and custom storefront, you’ll likely need to use Liquid code or hire a developer to do so.

In short, while you don’t necessarily need to know Liquid code to get started with Shopify, it’s highly recommended if you want to create a truly custom store that stands out from the crowd.

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