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What is Shopify Liquid?

Shopify Liquid is a templating language used by the Shopify e-commerce platform to create dynamic web pages. The liquid web coding language is an open-source language that Shopify created to make it easy to build and customize online stores.

Liquid is used to create templates for Shopify stores, allowing merchants to control the look and feel of their storefronts, as well as manage the content and data that appear on those pages. With Liquid, merchants can create custom pages, collections, product pages, and more, using a simple syntax that combines HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Liquid also provides several built-in features and filters that make it easy to manipulate and display data within templates. This includes things like conditional statements, loops, variables, and filters for formatting text, dates, and currency.

To learn more about Shopify’s custom coding language, Liquid Web, check out their documentation here. 

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