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Shopify Product Variations

Shopify Product Variations are sub-products inside your product page that allow your customers to choose different sizes, colors, flavors, etc. To set up Shopify product variations, go to the product section of your Shopify dashboard and click on the product you want to add variations to. Then click “Add Variant” to set up your first Shopify product variation with custom pricing, custom images, and inventory.

How to Set up Shopify Product Sizes

You can set up product sizes as variations on your product page with the values reflecting the different SKUs on your page. Then you can follow the normal process for adding and setting up product variations on your website.

How to Make Digital Products on Shopify

Digital Products may include items like NFT’s, Online Courses, eBooks, and more. Depending on which kind of digital product you sell will change how you sell it. There are dozens of great apps on the Shopify App market Place that can help with digital product selling but we recommend finding one uniquely suited to your purpose.


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