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Are you a new marketing professional trying to build an offsite link SEO campaign? If so, starting your offsite SEO campaign can be a daunting task. When you first get started, you may feel like you have no way of getting linked to external sources. How do you build an offsite SEO campaign without turning into a clickbait creator?

In this blog post, I’ll be introducing the fundamentals of building a link bait campaign, building the strategy behind your campaign, and how finally getting your website linked by third parties.

What is Click Bait?

Clickbait is a very common experience. Clickbait is when a user clicks on a website link expecting one thing, and the ad or post was written deceptively enough that the experience is very different when they land on the end page

What is Link Baiting or Offsite SEO?

When a link “baits” someone into your website from a third party, but provides a good experience we consider it a successful link bait.

The external links that others bring to your site are called “off-site SEO” links. Sites that link to your website help improve your SEO because they can help improve site authority.

When a website with good domain authority also links to your website, it’s considered “Link Bait.”

Is Link Bait The Same as Viral Marketing?

With going viral, or viral marketing, your goal is to spread as far and wide as possible. Your goal is to get everyone to spread the word about your brand.

Link bait is slightly different. Instead of having everyone learn about and hear about your brand, link bait campaigns are focused on a few specific websites or to get authority from websites that will help your brand recognition.

Sometimes, your link bait campaign goes viral which can help accomplish that goal. But if you still miss out on going viral on the big domains you were targeting… you have ultimately failed your link bait campaign.

How to build a good Offsite SEO Campaign

Link bait campaigns can seem daunting to build at first. Don’t fret! There are easy and effective ways to get in contact with businesses and domains that can help you build your off-site SEO quickly and efficiently.

1) create a list of websites to target for offsite SEO

When you first start, look at websites that are similar to yours. Also, try and find websites that have good or better than your own domain authority.

Then, create a list of your favorite websites that you might enjoy writing for and that might be able to benefit from a mutual content creation partnership.

2) Connect with the right people

Once you have a good list of websites that you want to link to your website, start looking for a person at that website or company that might have the power to make that link a reality.

Here are a few ways you can find the best people to talk to for building your Link Bait Campaign

  • Connect on Linkedin, and filter search results for a content manager, SEO manager, and Editor.
  • use to find just anybody’s email address if it exists on the web. It will help you get in contact with product managers and website content creators

3) Make an Offer they Can’t Refuse 😉

When sending out your request for a link connection, make an offer… not a request. Remember that this is actually a potential opportunity for their team to get free content. In the modern marketing space, content is king!

Be honest, and straightforward, and pitch your guest post as a potential content strategy that benefits both parties!

As a digital designer at Big Red Jelly, I work with businesses every day to optimize their Offsite SEO campaigns in their current website designs. Click the link to learn more!

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