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Dating in 2023 is harder than ever. There are rules and practices that make it harder and harder for us to actually find, meet, and become friends with those around us. As someone who met my wife at 17, there are a few marketing tools and tricks that I used at the time that I didn’t understand where marketing tools or tricks. But now that I understand the methods that helped me find love at a young age, I want to share those tips with you so you might be able to find a way to live happier.

Why You Should Treat Your Tinder Profile Like a Website 

No matter who you are or what you are looking for in love, there are a lot of similarities between how you optimize a website and how you optimize your tinder profile. Don’t believe me? Look at this comparison chart between Website Marketing and Tinder Optimization. 

Why tinder is like Web design graphic

Yes I chose this shape for a reason.

Both Tinder and Website optimization are focused on guiding the user to hit a specific button, revolve around limited traffic, and bid on opportunities to be in front of the consumer (or a love interest). 

How to get more Tinder swipes using Marketing and UX principles. 

Now before I get into the meat and potatoes of my article today, I want to acknowledge that finding love is not formulaic and there is not a perfect science to finding companionship. But that being said, there are a lot of mistakes that people make on their Tinder profile that can make it harder for them to present their authentic selves. Today’s article is focused on marketing and user experience principles that can help you get more Tinder dates.

Identify your conversion action – Or Identify Your Tinder Goal

In marketing, no matter what we do whether it’s on a billboard or in an email campaign before we even start designing ads or doing user research… We first need to define the ultimate end goal in mind. . What do you want? What are your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)? What are your success metrics? What is your goal? What’s the end game, and what’s the target audience that you want to reach with this message. The ultimate goal– and they’re also the most important ones– is always how do we get as many people as possible to take a desired action. So, it’s not just about saying: “hey we have a product” or “we have an email campaign.” It’s more like: “how do we get people to subscribe for our email

Similar to marketing, if you have a very laid-back approach to getting more swipes on Tinder, you’re going to struggle.

If you think the answer to the conversion action is easy and straightforward, you might have a little bit extra to think about.

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If you’ve been on Tinder for any period of time, you don’t need me to tell you that there are a lot of different people who are on Tinder for a lot of different reasons. Some people are looking just to hook up, some people are looking for a way to start their family, and some people are looking for love and companionship that can last forever.

There’s nothing wrong with any of these goals. But it is important to recognize what your initial goal is so that we can start to optimize your Tinder profile for that goal.

Now obviously on an app like Tinder, the goal is to get people to swipe right… But that’s only half the goal. The other half of the goal is who are we trying to get to swipe right?

With that let’s take a deeper look at how to identify your target demographic.

Identify your Target Audience or Figure Out What You Want in a Relationship

Once we have our target goal in mind, we want to think about who we want to swipe right on our profile. In marketing, we develop what is called Marketing personas to define our target demographic. This means we take another step back and think about the type of person we want to date. This could be the type of person you wanted to date when you were in high school, or the type of person you’re looking for when you’re trying to start a family. Once we have an idea as to who our ideal match is, we can narrow down who are these people with technology (specifically social media). We can do this by taking a look at some information on their profiles that might indicate a certain demographic, such as location or hobbies.

I’ll link a great article about marketing personas here, but a good marketing persona has all the following details:

  • Age
  • Sex and physical characteristics
  • Interests
  • Motivations.

To Optimize your Tinder profile, you should also create an ‘ideal swipe right’ candidate. Using the above characteristics, you can construct an ideal person that you would like to swipe right on your profile. Saying that you drink coffee, follow your favorite sports team, and want to meet someone who is open-minded will get you a lot of swipe-right responses but they might not exactally be what you are looking for. Instead, try and find the right combination of values, activities and dates you would be open to exploring with others

How to Build your Brand Profile on Tinder 

You may not think you have a brand, but you do. Branding is not just something for companies and influencers. Especially if you plan on asking someone to be an emotional companion, you should have your brand flushed out so you know how to get more swipes right. from the start. What is a brand? A brand is anything that helps distinguish one person or product from another. It’s what differentiates your business from the average, and can help increase your profits. A brand can also be called a reputation, and it takes work to build one.

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What if you already have a brand presence on Tinder? 

That’s great! Your brand doesn’t need to shift dramatically or even at all. But knowing what your values are and what you care about most will help you bring out your best side when presenting yourself to the world. 

Bonus tip: Prepare your own “branding” story.  This is a shorter, more personal version of the branding story you would share with a prospective employer (or lover). You should be able to tell this story in 5 minutes or less. Ideally, it will include:

  • A series of events that lead up to your current situation/role in life with the company/client in question. This is where you introduce yourself and describe your ideal job or business connection.
  • A brief description of the experience you’ve had working for the company or client so far (including any positive outcomes). 

What is a personal brand on Tinder?

In short, your personal brand is a combination of all the best things you bring to the table, a mixture of your personality, and an idea of the goals you have for your future of you.

Your personal brand should include answers to the questions:

  • What do I want in life?
  • What is important to me?
  • What makes me happy or sad?
  • What do I want do for others?

If you can answer these questions, jot them down and use them to better understand your personal brand. It will help a lot with getting more OC versions.

What is a Personal Brand? 

Like mentioned by absolute chad in the Tik Tok above, your personal brand on Tinder is mainly made up of images. This is where tinder is different from traditional web design optimization, where the words we chose to show matter almost more than the images we show. 

When people look at your tinder profile, they need to know who you are, why you are on tinder, and what they can expect to gain by swiping on your profile. If you don’t know your personal brand, then it will show on your profile. 

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The good news is, we often do this instinctually. But if you struggle to take personal pictures or prefer to “describe yourself,” you are going to have a bad time. Take some time and make sure your images reflect your values, your current mental state, and what you are looking for in a partner. I included a great personal branding tik tok above if you are interested in learning more here. 

Write targeted messaging For Your Target Audience On Tinder 

If you have written a good idea of who you are and what you are looking for, it’s time to start writing.

Yes, writing, not taking pictures. In marketing, we often work backward to make sure the end goal will convert instead of causing frustration.

Because we want your images to reflect the message you are trying to send to the world. A big UX no-no is having your messages say something your images do not.

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For example, if your profile picture says ‘I am looking to just have fun’ but the messages underneath your profile say ‘i am looking for serious relationships only’ you will confuse your target audience and won’t get any swipes from anyone.

So it’s important to first write down what you want out of tinder, then take images that most accurately reflect what you are looking for.

You Aren’t Going to Like This Tinder Tip…

If you are in marketing, you may be wondering when I am going to bring up data analytics… now is the time. Reviewing and revisiting what went right in previous campaigns and what went wrong is a foundational part of marketing. The best marketing firms have routinely scheduled times to review collaborate and learn from their past mistakes. 

If you are a classic overthinker (like me) then it may be helpful to journal your results as they come up and before going through your nightly swipe routine, read your journals to make sure you are meditatively looking for the right people. Doom scrolling will get you the same results so its always worth it to revisit, reanalyze, and contextualize so you don’t fall into the same mistakes you made before. 

Be open to any results – The Market Testing Principle 

When I first met my wife, we were 17. She knew right away she wanted to marry me but I was much more cautious. I knew that there were a million reasons why we may not work.

And we spent probably close to 7 years dating and even moving in together before we actually got married.

Now some of that had to do with me just having general anxiety about making big decisions, and some of that had to do with all of the different journeys that me and my wife both went through before we could both be ready to commit to each other for a lifetime

I guess what I’m trying to say here, is be open to anyone being the right person.

The biggest problem that I have with my own method of getting more dates, is that it assumes that you know what you’re looking for.

And that’s another user experience and marketing tactic that I want to leave you with… Which is be open to experiment.

Even when I design a website, I’m designing a website with the idea that the website should change based off of how users are interacting with the website.

In fact the best marketing campaigns are built on being open to new feedback and willing to try new things all the time.

So if you try this marketing and user experience design method for getting more Tinder swipes and it doesn’t work at first, don’t give up. Take a look at your images again, take another look at your messaging, and take another look at the target audience that you’re looking for.

Is it possible that changing or adjusting any part of this process can help bring you more swipes? Maybe.

The only way to know is with experimentation and actual data. At the time of writing, I don’t know if there’s any good way to get the data from your swipes… In fact the only people who have access to that are probably Tinder.

So if there isn’t a way to objectively review your data, have other people review your Tinder profile and give you feedback about what they think your profile says about you… You might be surprised at what they say.

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