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As I have delved deeper into the mindfulness craze, I’ve learned some important misconceptions that often come up in many people’s understanding of practicing mindfulness. One of the most common misconceptions that I too have had at times, is that mindfulness means you’re supposed to slow down. On the contrary, mindfulness doesn’t always mean that you need to be slowing down, but then what does mindfulness mean? In today’s blog post we’re going to be exploring that very question.

Buddhist monk running to an appointment.

What is Mindfulness?

Why doesn’t mindfulness always mean slowing down?

Because mindfulness is often referred to as taking the time to appreciate the present moment, many people consider mindfulness to be the act of slowing down. But that reminds me of a story by Zen master tick not Han that was recently told on the way out is in podcast.

In the story brother, Phal Pu tells the tail of a time when Tich Naht Hanh and his fellow monks were late to an important engagement. They were late because, at the last minute, the airline had to switch the gates where they were supposed to board at.

Upon learning this information, ty looked to his fellow monks and said “Brothers it is time to run!”

Tich Naht Hanh

Anybody familiar with the practice of Zen Buddhism might be surprised to hear that Tich Naht Hanh encouraged his brothers to run. In the past, ty has encouraged his followers to practice walking meditation in order to make sure they arrive at every step.

Can you “Hustle” and Practice Mindfulness?

Oftentimes, I think that many of us underestimate the importance of being mindful even when we are hustling mindfulness doesn’t just mean that you walk through life slowly and block out moments that require ambition and dedication.

Buddha wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase.

On the contrary, a well-seasoned mindfulness practitioner will understand that it is possible to dedicate the right energy to their practice no matter what the present moment brings us.

This doesn’t mean that you should rush through life at every moment, instead I interpret the practice of meditation to see the needs of the present moment as they are with the Right view and dedicate the right energy to that moment as it arises.

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