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Getting your small or even medium-sized business marketing strategy rolling can be a daunting task. There’s branding to consider, social media marketing, website management, and a hundred other things that come up in your day-to-day. But if you are a local business, there is one big social media marketing tool you should never neglect. That tool is called “Google My Business.”

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a tool that every local business should employ to jumpstart its digital marketing strategy.You can use it to improve your SEO, your Social Media, and your return on Ads spent. Its highly recommended every local or small business uses Google My Business as it can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful local service business brand.

A Social Media Tool for Listing and Managing Your Company’s Presence Online

Before you spend a single dime on Facebook ads, consider the importance of showing up in search results. Google My Business is a social media tool for listing and managing your company’s presence on Google. It allows you to keep track of your business information, respond to reviews, and share updates with customers.

Search results actually are more important for local businesses since not many small businesses already have thousands of followers on Twitter or Instagram. Google My Business is the next best thing!

Google My Business is an important tool for any business that has a physical location or wants to promote itself on the Internet. It provides a way to manage your company’s presence on Google Maps, Search, and other platforms.

Best Google My Business Features

When someone looks up your business, you want them to be able to quickly find great information about how they should interact with you. Should your customers give you a call? Do you have a phone number? Do you have a website? All these questions can be easily answered for your customers by setting up your Google My Business Account.

Google My Business is a free and easy way to manage your business online. It will allow you to create a Google page for your business, which is the best way to showcase your company on Google Search.

The benefits of creating a Google My Business listing are:

  • Allows you to upload photos, videos, and text about your business in one place
  • Gives you an opportunity to add more information about your products and services
  • Helps you get found by customers who are looking for businesses like yours

Each of these benefits is compounded by the fact that you get to show up at the very top of search results for your business completely free! When someone looks up “Jim’s Burgers” search engines normally show ads or really hard-to-achieve search results that can take years of work to show up on the first page of google. But with a Google My Business page, you get a front-row seat to any search that is relevant to your Google My Business Profile.

Creating a Google My Business Account For Your Local Business

Getting started on Google My Business is easy and there is no required fee to get it set up either. Just head over to the Google My Business page.

To create a Google My Business account, you need to have a Gmail account or an existing Google account. You then need to sign in with the same email address that you are using for the other accounts. You can then add your business by clicking on “Add or claim a new business”.

If you don’t already have an account, Google will take you through an easy setup process to help you verify your business location, and will help you build all the necessary tools you can use for free to promote your business on Google Search and Maps.

Growing Your Reach with Reviews and Recaps

There are a few important setup steps to set up like adding your website, your phone number, and any other information that might help people work or buy from your business. But once that’s set up… what’s next?

Next is to start to request reviews and create posts on Google My Business to keep your business relevant in everyday search results. Reviews are important because they will help you gain new customers. They also can improve your customer’s experience with your business, which in turn will make them more likely to come back and refer their friends.

You can get great reviews by offering service discounts in return for a review on google or better yet, just ask you’re happy customers if they would be willing to leave a review! Many happy customers are excited to show their support and will add a review to your Google My Business page without any additional prompt necessary.

What do you think of our tips for growing your Google My Business Profile? Leave a comment if you were able to improve your sales by updating your google my business page.

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