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Have you wanted to get back into the habit of reading? Do you have dozens or hundreds of books on your shelf? have you considered buying a kindle or other eink tablet but are not sure if it’s worth it in 2023? In this article, we will go over everything you need to know about kindles, e-readers and eink tablets in 2023.

Is it better to read on a kindle device than an app?

Absolutely. Kindles are limited by design which makes many people think they don’t need a kindle if they already have a laptop or a phone with the Kindle app. But using a kindle is a much better reading experience because it’s dedicated for reading and not much else.

Kindles are better for reading because they:

  • Don’t distract you with pointless notifications.
  • Actually look like paper so your eyes don’t get tired while reading.

Do kindles make reading fun?


See, when I was a kid I really really enjoyed reading. Before I had a smartphone to occupy my evening thoughts, I would read books to help me slowly drift off to sleep. I read all sorts of books from the entire Harry Potter series and the divine code to the godfather and news articles from my local paper.

But as I grew up and as personal technology got so good, I started reading less and less every night. I always wanted to get back into reading and had even bought books based on people’s recommendations. But unfortunately I never really was able to crack the code.

I finally received my Kindle Paperwhite…!

Why I bought a Kindle Paperwhite for Reading

Doom scrolling on social media is awful for your sleep. Study after study comes out telling us that if you can cut your screen time an hour before you go to sleep, you will have better sleep in the long term.

I originally bought my Kindle as a way to reduce the time I spend on my phone in the hour or two before I got to bed. And it worked surprisingly well.

My Kindle sits right here on my nightstand where I can read every night.

Instead of scrolling until the point where I had no option but to put my phone down because it was causing me anxiety, I would read through books that I enjoyed until my eyelids would start to droop.

I have to admit I have loved every second of using my Kindle as a way of entertaining my ADHD brain while I power down for the night.

Is it worth the investment to buy a Kindle if you have a hard time reading on a laptop or your phone?

This is a common question that I’ve seen on the internet. Reading on a Kindle is very very different from reading on your smartphone or on a laptop.

Taming the tiger within, a book I have on Kindle and a hard copy.

That’s because the display technology is very different on a Kindle than on most screens that you look at during your day. A Kindle uses what’s called “e-ink” display technology. This display technology is popular with e-readers like the Kindle or the nook because they offer a very very similar look to actual paper. The science behind e-ink is crazy cool, so if you are interested in learning how e-ink displays work, check out this great article from livewire:

Screenshot from the E-ink groups website showing the tablets next to a piece of paper.

That e-ink technology plus the added benefit of having a device that doesn’t shoot you notifications all the time, makes it much easier to focus on reading your book that you have in your hand.

Think about it. Reading a book on your phone or laptop is really hard because you have the whole Internet at your disposal. Friends could text you with a question, you might get a work email, or you might just be distracted from the fact that you can search a word on the internet at any given point.

Reading on a Kindle is definitely worth the investment if you care about bringing more books and reading into your life. It helps you reduce your distractions and improves the overall experience of reading.

What is it like to read on a Kindle?

Reading a book on a Kindle or other e-reader is a much better experience than reading on an iPad, phone, or laptop. There are a few big reasons why:

  • Kindle displays emit little to no blue light which can make it much easier on your eyes.
  • Kindles are very light and have a nice polished carbon fiber feel that makes it much more enjoyable to read for long durations.
  • The Kindle uses e-ink that is very power efficient so don’t need to worry about battery life almost ever.

These are some of my favorite reasons for buying a Kindle. They’ve made it much more enjoyable to dive into my favorite book series or explore some of my favorite fantasy books from childhood.

What is the best Kindle for first-time reader buyers?

When I was first looking through the different e-readers available on amazon, I ran into a couple of different options. The Kindle Oasis is the latest and greatest Kindle from Amazon, but it’s definitely not worth their asking price of $250. At the time of publishing, they offer a back-to-school discount of $50 but it’s still not worth it in my opinion.

The best Kindle for new users and kids is the Kindle Paperwhite 8gb version.

The best Kindle for new users is the Kindle Paperwhite 8gb option. There’s no need to buy extra storage if you are a beginner because even a hundred books would barely fill half that storage. Remember that book downloads are very light, mostly text with some images. The Kindle Paperwhite comes with a bunch of the great features I mentioned in this article like the Paperwhite e ink display that is plenty bright for any reading environment and enough storage for the light bedtime reader. It also comes with the same water resistance rating so you don’t miss out on anything there.

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