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Another year, another iPhone launch. Should you buy or skip it this year?

This year’s iPhone brings a few interesting camera upgrades and a few small incremental changes to the entire line.

iPhone 13

Is the iPhone 13 Pro a Good Phone? 

The pro models this year come with some slightly different camera lenses, a new pixel image stabilization technique and an increased battery life a better refresh rate for their displays.

If any of these features are supposed to make you excited about the phone, it’s the last one. I refresh rate displays are a way of making your phone feel faster by showing you more frames per second on the device.

That doesn’t mean that the device itself is becoming that much faster, but the rate at which your eyes will be able to perceive animations and scrolling will be effectively double the rate at that you were able to notice them before.

Is the iPhone 13 Pro a Good Purchase in 2022? 

In terms of actual speed, Apple has Cherry-picked random data and not told us specifics about it so we can’t be very confident about real processing speeds until independent reviews are published.

In terms of cameras, Apple wants us to think that iPhones can be the cinematic equivalent of a budget DSLR. But if we’re going to bypass apple marketing jargon and take a real look at what their footage looks like… I wouldn’t bring this iPhone anywhere close to cinematic production. That’s not to say that iPhones don’t have great videos. Additionally, this iPhone will probably be a bit better at recording video than previous iPhones.

Don’t fall for this trick

Apple continuously makes consumers believe that their iPhone is capable of video just slightly outside their device’s real reach.

And the story continues to be the same this year with the iPhone 13 and 13 pros. The best reasons to get this device is if your current device feels like it needs some hardware fixes if you ABSOLUTELY need a faster refresh rate display, or if your battery is slowly dying faster than you need it to.

Ultimately we will have to see what independent reviewers think of the device when it comes out, but as of now the iPhone is more so catching up with the competition than it is outpacing it.

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