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Today I finished the Kenobi series on Disney+. As a kid, I loved the prequels and was excited to see my favorite characters from the star wars universe return and battle it out.

But I started the show cautiously optimistic, knowing that I had been let down by the Disney-fication of my favorite childhood story. And ultimately I felt let down after ending the last episode. Here are a few thoughts I had that I think might be related to the disappointing experience overall despite some really fun and exciting moments.

We know Kenobi will end… Roughly speaking.

The whole premise is built without any risk to any of the core characters we are supposed to care about. Watching a prequel is only great when we don’t know how the characters go to where they are in the future. But when I’m watching a character I know has to survive at the end of a show, I know they will survive every dangerous encounter they have. This translates to a low-stakes low reward experience. We know Luke, Owen, Kenobi, Leia, Vader, and everyone else survives in the end. The only faces that have any real risk of loss in this story are “newer” like inquisitor Reva and Tava. We know they actually experience risk because their storyline isn’t already written into the extended universe. 

Kenobi had many performances that felt underwhelming.

The acting performance felt phoned in at best. I can’t be the only one who felt that Ewan Mcgregor just walked in and read his lines every day. And he’s not the only one. Almost every character shows a total of 2 or 3 emotions, but most of those emotions are connected to anger or frustration. Very infrequently do we see an actor or actress deliver a performance that is rewarding or even believable. 

Why does Kenobi have Shakey-Cam fight scenes?

I wasn’t really a fan of shaky cam fight scenes after the Bourne franchise made it popular. All of a sudden, action directors realized they didn’t have to choreograph intense fight scenes or spend insane dollars on on-set shots. Instead, they can just do really close-up jumpy and connected scenes. It just bothers me at this point that we won’t ever really get the great style of fight scenes we once had in the early 2000’s. 

Kenobi has Confusing Motivations that Ruin the Experience

Why did the 7th sister go to kill Luke? What’s in it for her if she really wants Vader dead? Justice? That’s such a terrible explanation that makes no sense. It’s made for the sake of a good payoff when she attempts to kill Luke and realizes she “became the thing she sought to destroy” but the original motivation is so lacking it actually makes the payoff feel a bit less powerful than it could be if the motivation was more flushed out.

Anyway, I did not like this particular adaptation. It felt like a kick in the face for anyone who genuinely cared about the franchise and a money grab at best. If you read this far, I really appreciate you and want you to know I targeted you specifically by using the keyword “Obi-Wan Kenobi bisexual.” And honestly, I think should be a point of pride for both of us. 

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