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In your shop/studio/store/office you have a designated space set aside for your creative process. This space allows you to dedicate yourself to a single environment. This space is a beautiful environment dedicated to your world. This world I am describing is traditionally designed as a website, not a universe.

Is the Metaverse Just a Clever Marketing Gimic?

Everyone talks about the metaverse in different ways. I think that the Metaverse ideal is actually the perfect way to describe a marketing campaign. You create a world and it’s up to you to deliver the fundamental emotion of that world to your customers. That world is a world only you build. It can be calm, chaotic, plain, artistic, productive, or anything you want it to be.


This makes it uniquely yours. This space provides you with a special environment to live, grow, and share your passion with others. This space is uniquely yours. Whatever it is.

How are the Metaverse and Modern Marketing Related?

Modern marketing requires you to think about your brand from a million different customer perspectives. Much like a metaverse, your marketing strategy needs to be able to understand where a user is coming from at all times, and where to take them next.

Many people know how to craft that space in reality, but don’t know how to market it into the digital metaverse.  The distinguishing factor that makes the metaverse unique is its unique ability to capture environments.

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But what the metaverse is terrible at, is sharing emotions. The best marketing campaigns spend less time focusing on the environmental factors of a product, and more time emphasizing the emotional connection to a product.


How to do Emotion-Based Marketing Better.

In a few words, start with the base emotion. Frustration, confusion, anger, love, joy, pleasure, discovery, whatever the base emotion is. And from that base emotion understand what your product or service does to either change that emotion or capitalize on it.

For example, if I sell books. I need to recognize that there is an emotion tied to why people buy books. Is the book that I’m selling a Self Help novel, or is it a novel dedicated to entertaining..

If I sell lots of books should I focus on making my reader feel like they are in a club of book readers or should I make them focus on the actual content of the books themselves? Maybe both. Consider creating an emotional space that resembles a library where the local book club gets together and shares their thoughts on a project.

If I sell a cleaning service, what is an important emotion for me to make my user feel when they stumble on my marketing material? For example, I might try and show them the frustration of a cluttered home, and compare that to the piece of a clean home. Then I might offer my service as a way of achieving that clean home.

I feel like many people overthink the core concepts of marketing. It’s not about whether your business is using top video creation tools and the most used content creators…. Marketing is about communicating honest solutions to peoples real-world problems. As as long as every aspect of your marketing boils down to those fundamentals… you are on the right track.

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