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Just a few years ago, marketing was all about sending out a mailer or placing an ad in the paper. Sadly, those days are gone. Now we have all sorts of marketing dilemmas, and that’s not even to mention Web3 problems!

While I’m sure you have been told that things are different these days, have you considered just how much has changed? If not, then let me be the first to tell you: Marketing is no longer just a single-channel process. It’s now more about developing relationships with customers over multiple channels than it is about trying to reach them on one channel in hopes of getting their attention long enough to make a sale. Consumers want a more personalized marketing experience from the brands they engage with both online and offline. And because of this shift in how people buy products and services today, businesses must adapt quickly if they want to maintain a competitive edge and continue to grow their business.

a picture of my cat michelin
Michelin is tired of seeing all these poorly executed marketing strategies.

Web3 Marketing is not a single-channel process.

It’s not that these channels don’t still matter—they do. But they’re just not enough anymore. Today, marketing is no longer a single-channel process; it’s the integration of all these channels into one cohesive strategy. In fact, according to HubSpot research, 56 percent of marketers said their top challenge was “integrating digital channels into an effective marketing strategy.”

floating planet in a digital valley
Concept of Future digital technology metaverse, colorful background.

If you’re struggling with this issue, here are the steps I recommend for you:

  • Get involved on social media
  • Create even just one email or sms marketing campaign to gain new subscribers.
  • Create a newsletter or blog post and create regularly
  • Share any content you create!

These might seem like really simple and straightforward items, but many metaverses or web3 projects seem to think that they are above traditional marketing strategy because of the futuristic nature of their platform.

Unfortunately trying to use marketing strategies that haven’t worked in the past while trying to create new marketing strategies for the future.. usually just means failed marketing.

One important facet that you need to acknowledge about marketing for metaverse and web 3 projects, is a huge hurdle of misunderstanding, confusion, and disconnected social attitudes. Most users don’t understand the concept of the Metaverse or Web 3. Even audience types who are interested in your niche need to be marketed to on the platforms they are already on!

What are those platforms? You already know because chances are you are also on those platforms. Twitter, Reddit, Blog marketing, email marketing, SMS marketing are all wonderful ways to reach the audience that is already looking for and interested in your new product or service.

Web3 Consumers want more democratized functions and Simple Organization

In order to understand what this means, you need to know what consumers are already communicating with brands and why. Consumers want to feel like they are being listened to, understood and respected by the brands they interact with – which is why they’re increasingly taking their business elsewhere if those expectations aren’t met.

ui and ux icon with tablet and computer
Don’t neglect your other possible channels!

It’s simple: if someone spends their hard-earned money on your goods or services (or even donates money) but doesn’t feel respected by your brand afterward – you’ve lost that person forever.

So what can you do to recapture that person’s interest in the future? Will help you keep in touch with customers at every step in the buying journey. I really enjoy Klavio and even MailChimp has great options for startups to get started with a great metaverse user marketing experience.

Web3 Design Starts With Desktop

hero section on a bedding ecommerce website

The design of your website matters. A lot. The way in which you present yourself to the world is integral to how potential customers view and interact with your brand, so it’s essential for you to consider the following when designing or redesigning your site:

Consistency: Your design should be consistent with both the brand identity and tone of voice established by your marketing efforts. If a customer visits your site and finds that it doesn’t match up with what they expect from you, they will be turned off—and they won’t come back again.

Simplicity: The easier it is for people to find what they are looking for, the more likely they are going to stick around instead of giving up and moving on elsewhere. Make sure that all pages load quickly and all links work as expected; otherwise, users may get frustrated, which can lead them away from returning in future visits or sharing content on social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook (or even emailing friends!).

Mobile friendliness: Today’s consumers spend most of their time using smartphones rather than desktop computers when browsing online; therefore companies need websites that function properly across different devices without compromising visual appeal or user experience too much between them (even if those differences aren’t always noticeable). This means making sure there isn’t too much scrolling involved for readers who might want something else other than just reading text all day long every single day throughout eternity until death do us part.”

Web3 perception matters more than anything else

this is fine meme
If all your traffic is paid, are you really winning?

When it comes to marketing, your brand is one of your most important assets. It’s what differentiates you from your competitors and can give you a competitive edge over them. Your brand creates relationships with customers, helps educate prospects about your business, and creates trust and loyalty among existing clients.

But what exactly makes up a brand? In short: reputation, awareness, equity, and advocacy.

There are a couple of ways that you can improve your reputation, awareness, and brand equity or advocacy. Consider doing monthly blog posts with updates to your community, and create a Reddit account to listen to your new users as they join up.

Over time those assets build up and become a backlog of resources that future customers and existing clientele will use as proof of your Brand’s reputation and expertise.

Web3 Websites Cannot Neglect Mobile Design

Mobile-friendly websites are important. It’s that simple. Businesses need to be responsive to their customer’s needs, and one of those needs is access to your content from anywhere—not just from a desktop PC. If you haven’t already made the switch, now is the time!

Why is mobile development important to focus on? Depending on your sector of the web3 industry, up to 80% of the traffic to your biggest marketing asset (your website) is going to be on a mobile device.

bad mug design that pokes people in the eyes
Don’t poke your mobile users in the eye.

Mobile-friendly websites are not only great for increasing traffic on your website, they also help with SEO (search engine optimization). A mobile-friendly site will rank higher in search results than its non-optimized counterpart because it’s easier for Google and other search engines to understand what kind of content it contains based on its design. This leads us back around again: if you want more customers visiting your website via Google searches or other sources like social media platforms then having one makes sense–and having one that works well too!

Web3 Demands Clear, concise, and consistent messaging

You can’t just change your messaging in one place and expect it to carry through everywhere you promote your company or brand. You have to be consistent in your messaging across all platforms, whether that be social media or a website.

Consistent messaging builds trust with customers and potential customers. When a customer sees the same tagline or description on multiple platforms, they know that what they are reading is not just marketing fluff but is actually representative of the product or service being offered by an organization.

bad elevator copywriting that tells people to use the stairs
Make your copy accessible, clear and concise.

Consistent messaging allows you to develop brand recognition as well as establish a unique voice for your business that resonates with consumers over time. Consumers will begin recognizing this special something about your company because they see it consistently applied across all channels used by an organization—and this helps build loyalty among these people who appreciate knowing what they’re getting when they come back around again!

One messaging tip that I found to be very effective is to go to the social media pages that your target audience is likely to be a part of. A popular marketing psychology tip called mirroring means looking at the problems that your users are complaining about and then feeding those problems back to them with a solution. Be careful with this copywriting tip though, it is very easy to come off as tone-deaf and ignorant if you don’t do so thoughtfully.

We3 Marketing is changing and will encourage adaptation 

It’s time to get serious about embracing these new marketing channels and strategies. The longer you wait, the more opportunities will be lost — and so will your competitive edge.


Marketing is changing and businesses must adapt quickly to maintain a competitive edge. If you don’t, your competition will. I hope this article has helped shed some light on the changes happening in today’s metaverse marketing landscape and how it affects your business.

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