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Look, I get it. There’s a hustle and we all gotta eat. Especially if you listen to all these successful creators, they tell you that consistency is key. That writing/creating/developing every day is the secret to how they found success.

What do Marketing Gurus tell you about blogging? 

They tell you that every day they woke up at 4 am, worked out for 3 hours, then worked until 4 on their project and that’s how they became successful.

But they are only telling you what they remember doing every day.

What they don’t tell you is the absolute joy they felt from creating their favorite content.

What Marketing Gurus Don’t Tell You About Blogging

What they don’t tell you is how miserable it can be to sell out for clicks. What they don’t tell you is how gross the content creation gig becomes when it’s no longer a passion project.

When it becomes your business, you will burn out.

But when it’s your passion, you will soar. One of my favorite podcasts frequently says “don’t create content, create art.”

So I want to challenge all you on the edge of burnout content creators, just for today’s content, ignore word counts, ignore your time goals, ignore your followers/likes/retweets/comments. Ignore everything for one day and create what you want to create.

What’s the worst that could happen?

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