Jerry came to me with a truly innovative idea. Based on the concept of Agile Management, Jerry designed a system of implementing an agile-based mindset into a structure for organizational delivery. He had really workshopped the idea and had written a book on the subject. Now was time to market the website and help people learn about it.

But when push comes to shove, this style of website is not designed for conversions and is most likely not going to bring in any new leads. Just look at this screenshot of a similar design. The UX is so unintuitive you don’t even have a great idea of where to start let alone develop a true understanding of the concept.

So we decided to take a hybrid approach that included the fundamentals of navigating a website that followed best web design practices but still incorporated the deep drill-down style of learning without the unneeded complexity.

The biggest problem with marketing this big idea is the sheer complexity and uniqueness of this idea. To solve that problem, Jerry and I put together some clickable images that explained every step of the process in an interactive format that allows users to get exactlly the right amount of information they are looking for. If they need just a few small details to get a general idea, the website has quick access to small snippets of the overall idea that are condensed down for general learning.

Below are screenshots of the design we incorporated to make it simple and effective for new learners to discover more about Hummingbird Agile. But why read through an explanation when the entire point is to experience it for yourself. 

Step 1: Click on a box concept
Step 2: Click on an icon or browse the hover description
Step 3: Learn About the Section

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