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A Modern Conservative Adventure

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Pick up the Must Read Conservative Adventure Series of the Decade!

Cant believe how great and captivating this book is! I also know its clean so my kids can read it too!

Aura BrooksGraphic Designer, Owl Eyes

What a page turner! I picked this up in my local store and just could not put it down!

Eve CrawfordProduct Designer, That Biz

I'm not usually much of a reader but this was fantastic! I read it to my daughter at night and we talk about the conservative values that the book brings up organically.

Jack GrahamCo founder, Coffee Inc
digital books floating in the library

Amazing Story and Conservative Values

Amazing Story

Great stories are not just made up, but based in reality. The wonderfully written storylines and characters from Aftermath are captivating and easy to relate to!

Conservative Values

Conservative values can be hard to find in our modern media.That's why KC Behr made an effort to create a great story that also helped to put the values of conservatives everywhere at the forefront of the political discussion.

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A Post Apocolyptic World…

Discover a true story set in a dystopian future.

Nowhere to go but forward…

A whole new world of adventure awaits you!

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