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With Elon musk making the actual engagement rates of Twitter skyrocket with weekly news reports of more users flocking to the dumpster fire that is, should your business consider getting into twitter spaces for your content marketing?

What are Twitter Spaces?

Twitter spaces are a new way of content marketing. They are a way to connect with people and brands that you might not have met otherwise. Twitter spaces are a way to get your products or services in front of people who are interested in what you do and share their interests.

Twitter spaces Is A Opportunity for Small Businesses to grow their Customer Base by Connecting with the Right People, at the Right Time, on the Right Platform.

I actually recently tried twitter spaces to record an intro to my latest post about #ethicalmarketing and the responsibility we have.

What are the benefits of Using Twitter Spaces for Content Marketing?

Twitter spaces is an audio live streaming service that allows anyone at any time to go live. All you need to stream is a smartphone and your own voice! The biggest benefit for twitter spaces is it allows small businesses to create content the moment it hits your noggin! If you find yourself too busy to create content every day, this might be your solution to fitting social media into your schedule.

You can do so without the need for fancy streaming equipment like twitch or YouTube streaming usually demands

Twitter Spaces is great for Content Marketing on a Budget

Often times, small businesses know they need to do some social media marketing, but they don’t know how to get started. Well if you want to talk with your customers, many of them might listen to what you have to say on an industry related topic. Are you a fashion guru? Maybe you have some tips and tricks up your sleeve for best practices in your field.

No matter your industry, twitter spaces can be a great place to market your brand and your business all from your smartphone.

Twitter spaces can be easily repurposed into other content!

If you create a great blog post, you might think you have 1 content piece. Right?

Wrong! You actually can have dozens of content pieces. A well written blog can also be a LinkedIn post, a Tweet, an Instagram Post, an email you send out to your subscribers and more!

Depending on how well you plan your twitter space time, you might find yourself creating loads of content using only one content source!

What are the disadvantages of Twitter Spaces?

Actual Users on the Platform is Questionable.

Twitter spaces is not the most popular live streaming platform. Additionally, it can be hard to find your audience at first because topics can range from cryptocurrency and NFTs to fashion and politics.

‘Live’ is not always great content.

Going live is easy. Making love content engaging your viewers… Is hard. The average website bounce is less than 6 seconds so how long do you think you can keep your twitter space’s audience engaged?

Twitter is a lot like podcasting for small businesses.

I mean the early days of podcasting. It’s the wild west out there! People are saying a lot of crazy things and they can get away with it. Depending on what your business is or how you want your image to be, it might be frustrating to try and take yourself seriously on a new platform.

In fact, if you use twitter spaces, you can download the audio afterwards and publish it to a podcast! Podcasts are wonderful marketing tools for getting your message into the digital world so this can be a way to create 2 pieces of content at one time.

Conclusion: Should you Use Twitter Spaces for Marketing?

At the end of the day, the answer is yes! In 2023, video content and long form audio is projected to be a huge source of marketing revenue. Your team should take some time to learn how to host a twitter space and start recording new content!

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