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Looking for some Free Shopify Apps to improve your store in 2023? Look no further! If you are a new Shopify store owner, Shopify is a great CMS to use for e-commerce and even for just building your first online website. One of the most common features of Shopify are the built in integrations or Apps that expand the functionality of the platform. But there are also a lot of apps that only serve a single function or can slow down your website. So in this article I will be going over the 5 best free Shopify apps I use every day with my clients to help improve conversions and functionality of Shopify.

One+ App for Shopify

One+ is great for basic email marketing on product stores. It integrates with existing email marketing campaigns like Klaviyo and MailChimp.

One+ grows your Shopify sales by creating great upselling and crosselling techniques for your Shopify store with popups, exit intent subscription discounts etc.

You have probably seen this app in action if you have ever bought a product from a Shopify store and saw “so and so just bought x product.”

There’s a lot to this app that is definitely worth exploring. Check it out here.

Best reasons to use One+ Upsell:

  1. 1 click checkout for improved conversions.
  2. Automated email and sms marketing.
  3. Popup sales and remarketing.

I often recommend this app to my clients when they ask about increasing conversion rates on Shopify in a quick install. Using modern upselling techniques, this app is an amazing free app I recommend for all Shopify stores.

Klaviyo – Best Free Shopify App For Email Marketing

Klaviyo image of the App Store integration onShopify App Store You may have heard of klaviyo from their podcast ads and they have been a popular email marketing solution for small businesses for a long time. Their templates are easy to edit yourself and they have a lot of documentation.

They also support the latest Shopify os 2.0 update with their app so you get native form embeds for email marketing!

Pros of Klaviyo:

  1. Great email marketing
  2. Great SMS marketing
  3. Connects well to most shopify apps and services
  4. Can replace or connect to shopify basic email marketing

Cons of Klaviyo:

  • It can be a bit hard to setup for a first timer
  • some technical knowledge of email technology is helpful.

SEO:Image Optimizer,Page Speed

SEOptimizer and page Speed for Shopify screenshot from the Shopify App Store This app is one of my go to apps to recommend for improving your websites passive and active SEO on site. It serves two functions. First: to save your website speed by reducing your image files and serving them at a fast and optimized rate. And second: to improve the techical SEO behind your Shopify theme code that you may have missed I’m the background.

This app is certified Google Search friendly and works to optimize image ALT tags, JSON-LD, Meta tags, and Sitemap automatically for almost pages.

There is no better app on the app store to make sure your website meets Google Search best practices.

ROAR: Page Speed Up- Free Shopify App for Improving Page Speed

roar page speed boost for Shopify stores screenshot from the App Store Maybe you don’t need an SEO app but you do want to improve your site speed. Well that feature specifically is behind a pay wall in the previously mentioned app so I have another recommendation if you want a truly free page speed booster.

Using ROAR page speed up, you improve your Shopify load times by simply preloading your pages and optimizing image sizes to make your website faster.

Fontpicker: Easy font picker – Best Free Shopify Apps for Changing Your Fonts

I’ve used this app in countless websites I’ve built for clients. If you need a custom font that is not natively supportrd by Shopify, you may get stuck if you don’t know how to code… But never fear.

This app lets you create and customize your own font without getting into the theme code.

It gets so granular it will even allow you to swap and replace your default theme code with any other custom or google font without any issues to help save loading speed.

Instafeed ‑ Instagram Feed – Best Free Apps for Embedding Instagram Feeds on Your Shopify Store

Another great app I have used in previous Shopify builds is the Instafreed app. There are a lot of similar apps on the Shopify store and many of them will suit your needs.

This one is free and good looking embed for Instagram page. Simply install the app and tell it your Instagram handle then chose from some preselected designs that will fit great in any store. It’s easy to set up and pretty customizable plus it automatically syncs up with your Instagram page updates!

Click here to install

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