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Meditation is a great way to improve your mental health. It’s also helpful if you’re trying to lose weight or stop smoking. However, more people are turning toward meditation apps for their goals than ever before thanks to virtual reality (VR) technology in the form of Oculus Quest 2. But there are so many different types and brands of meditation apps out there—which one should you use?

To help answer this question and more about how VR can help your quest for wellness, we’ll go over some of the different options available today as well as tips on finding the right one for you!

The Best Free VR App for Meditation

If you are new to the world of VR meditation, you may think you need to pay a monthly subscription or at least buy a paid app to do meditation on the Quest 2. But one of our favorite meditation apps, Maloka, is completely free and one of the best VR meditation apps you can install.

Maloka is a very feature-rich meditation app you can get on Quest and Quest 2. Maloka offers a gamified version of traditional meditation techniques with a full lineup of guided meditation practices from popular meditation teachers like Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson. In Maloka, you are given a personal island with trophies to celebrate and decorate your progress into mindfulness.

Maloka Meditation Features:

Maloka comes with all the basic meditation features that any new or experienced meditation practitioner would like, for example:

  • Featured Breathwork Guided Meditations
  • Helpful Virtual Body Scans
  • Soothing Sound baths

It’s pretty amazing that this app is free on the Quest 2 app store. But one disadvantage of Maloka Meditation is its exclusivity. If you are a PC VR or Steam VR user, unfortunately, you are unable to install this app. If you are looking for other PC VR apps for meditation or are just interested in some of the other options available for VR meditation, click here to view the 2 other popular VR meditation apps.

Benefits of Meditation on Mental Health

As a web designer, I have had to learn a lot about how to control highly stressful situations, and one of the ways I do that is through meditation. Meditation is a great way to improve your mental health. It can help with depression, anxiety, ADHD symptoms, and focus.

One of the ways I have found I can improve my meditations is through VR. To the average customer, that might seem like a strange idea. Why would I recommend doing meditation in VR?

Benefits of VR Meditation over Regular Meditation

For a lot of people, meditation is hard to do at first. You sit down, try and meditate… and then what? Your mind finds things to quickly and easily distract you from your meditation.

Most people try it once or twice and don’t feel like it works super well for improving their mental health. So I have found that removing the distractions that interrupt the serene bliss of meditation can be a great way to learn the basics.

I have the Oculus Quest 2 which I think is a great device for meditation, and it’s important to remember that the app itself is just one piece of the puzzle. You still have to wear your headset, sit down somewhere quiet and comfortable, and put up with whatever crazy world you’re transported into. So what are the best meditation apps you can use to get started?

calming rocks for meditation

How to find the right meditation app for your Quest 2.

There are a few things to consider. First, if you are using a VR headset, make sure the app you are looking into is supported by your headset. For this article, I will be focusing on apps compatible with my Oculus Quest 2.

Second, how much time do you have on your hands? Are you looking for something that can fit into those precious minutes between meetings or errands? Or would you rather spend those hours sitting down and meditating instead of driving around town?

Thirdly (and most importantly), what kind of group meditation experience are you hoping to have? Are there any other people who would like to join in on this activity as well—if not just yourself then perhaps another member of your household who might benefit from some quiet reflection during their trip home after work each day at five o’clock sharp!

The 2 Best and Most popular Meditation Apps for Oculus Quest 2 are Tripp and Guided Meditation VR

Tripp Pro's and Cons

Tripp is probably the most popular VR app on the Oculus Quest Store. But that doesn’t mean its perfect.

Here are the Pro’s:

  • Free Demo to try it out
  • 75 great mindfulness introduction teachings.
  • Binaural audio is a truly trippy experience!

Here are the Cons:

  • Monthly membership on top of it being a paid app
  • For an experienced meditator, it can feel like the teachings get in the way of the practice.

Its definetly worth an install so if you want to give it a try, you can click the non-affiliate link here to add it to your quest 2 library.

Guided Meditation VR Pro's and Con's

The best competitor to Tripp is Guided Meditation VR. If you have used meditation apps like Calm or Headspace, this will feel the most familiar.

Here are the Pros:

  • Lots of content for guided meditation
  • Meditations for Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders, and Focus.
  • Recently rebuilt for Oculus Quest

Here are the Cons:

  • Can go through all the meditations quickly if you are an avid meditator.

If the payment model and pros of Guided Meditation VR make more sense to you, click our non-affiliate and commission-free link here to add it to your quest 2 libraries.

Recommended VR Cover

If you are like me, you do a lot more than just meditation in VR and the sweat on your headset can build up quickly… so if you are looking for a great way to avoid the sweaty foam on your vr headset after a great beatsaber session, check out VR Cover. 

Their VR cover is designed to optimize hygiene and comfort, which is perfect if you also share your headset with family or friends. I love how it makes it easy to share my VR headset with my wife when we do our evening beat saber sessions and how it doesn’t leave my headset all sweaty for my morning meditation session.

Check it out at:

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The best meditation app for Oculus Quest 2 is one that can help you reduce stress. If you want to find out more about how you can relieve tension, anxiety and other mental health issues, then try out the many options available on the Oculus Store.

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