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If you are a small business that sells items on Amazon, it may be time to look at Selling your own products through your own online store. Shopify just released the second version of their Theme building kit that allows you to be more customizable, and create a deeper connection to your business. Read more to learn why you should update your Shopify Theme to Shopify OS 2.0.

Shopify OS 2.0 Themes are more Customizable

In Shopify’s latest version, you have more design control and features have been updated in order to make the process of designing branding for shops smoother.

Just about everything about Shopify 2 is customizable. You can change all parts of the layout, add automation flows, and better content filtering built into your theme. These changes mean that your store will be distinct – displaying what makes your business unique while also making it easier for you to make customizations.

Shopify OS 2.0 Themes are Better for SEO

Search engine optimization is a way for webmasters to improve their ranking in the SERPs (search engine ranking pages). After these changes in Shopify OS 2.0, customers are supposed to see faster websites and communicate with fewer man-hours and more customization.

Improved Search Engine Optimization- With the new Shopify OS 2.0 themes, Google Chrome will provide a notification when loading a webpage and give it a higher rank in SERPs. Furthermore, all Shopify sites will become faster; this makes it easy to achieve better organic search results as well.

Shopify OS 2.0 Themes Are Better at Connecting to Shopify Apps.

Shopify Apps are like WordPress plugins. They give your Shopify store extra functions, customization, and more. Shopify OS 2.0 builds on top of the original Shopify OS and is optimized to adapt to extensions quicker and easier than ever before. This has allowed developers to more efficiently integrate Shopify apps with themes in the Shopify theme store by directly connecting to your data.

A personal favorite addition coming from this update is the site speed improvements that have been made toward Shopify sites with the Pagefly App. Pagefly allows a deeper level of customization that is now very simple to install and use.

If you have been looking for a great way to revamp your direct-to-consumer business strategy, it’s definitely worth taking a look at Shopify in 2023.

Shopify OS 2.0 is Better for Shipping

Shipping is a huge expense for any eCommerce store and Shopify OS makes it affordable and simple. Their built-in Shipping and Handling apps make it very simple to ship and manage your business with Fed Ex, DHL, USPS, and More direct shipping providers.

Shopify OS 2.0 claims to maintain the same price point on shipping as every other platform but offers the added benefit that you can customize the pricing if you have larger products, or offer volume discounts for ordering more at once.

Regularly. 5-10% of eCommerce businesses lose money to shipping. However, with this new system companies are able to provide crazy deals and make up for missed profits in other areas of an eCommerce site so they can stay competitive in a very small niche market.

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