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A slow website can be a nightmare for any business. It can lead to a loss of customers and revenue. The first thing that you need to do is to identify the problem and then find the solution.

There are many reasons why your store might be slow, but there are some common ones that you should look out for:

– Your hosting provider is not providing enough resources for your site.

– Your site has too many plugins or scripts running in the background.

– You have too many images on your site, which slows down loading time.

– You have too many products on your site, which slows down loading time.

– Your server is overloaded with requests from other sites on the same server as yours.

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With these common site speed ideas in mind, you can drastically improve your site speed over time.

How to Save Time with Higher Speed Content Delivery

The faster your site loads, the more likely it is that you will have a higher conversion rate. This is because people are impatient and they want to get what they want as soon as possible.

There are many ways to optimize your site for speed, but the most important thing is to make sure that you are not loading unnecessary content. This includes images, scripts, and other media files.

Measuring & improving the performance of your Shopify Store

The Shopify store is a powerful tool for any business. It can be used to sell products online, manage inventory, and provide customer service. But it’s not always easy to know how well your store is performing.

The performance of your Shopify store is measured by key performance indicators like code that needs to be run on your website, high resolutions images and video, and how long it can take to render your first page on your website.

So make sure you aren’t

  1. Installing apps that do similar things. Don’t waste valuable site speed with extra code that can slow down your site and reduce your conversions.
  2. Using images a over 1440p. Most websites won’t ever be run above this resolution. Even a 1080p image will be great for most desktops to see the image without pixels.
  3. Using heavy image or video formats.

How to improve your Shopify Website for Better SEO rankings and Traffic

Organizing your products and using Shopify SEO tools is the best way to improve your Shopify website for better SEO rankings and traffic.

Shopify is a powerful e-commerce platform that allows you to create an online store with ease. It has many features that can help you grow your business, but one of the most important ones is its SEO capabilities.

Shopify has a built-in SEO tool that will help you optimize your website for search engines, which will in turn increase your traffic and sales.

At the bottom of every Shopify page and collection is a section like this at the bottom:

preview window of editing an seo description in the shopify backend
Example of an SEO section available to edit in the mobile app.

And yes, this is a free tool that comes with your Shopify plan! On the app, you can only edit page SEO. But on desktop, you can edit SEO taglines, descriptions and keywords for products, collections and more!

Why You Need a Faster Website For Your Business and How To Get One.

A website is the first thing people see when they search for your business online. It’s the first point of contact with your customers and it can make or break the sale. So it’s important that you have a fast, reliable and responsive website that looks professional and has all of the features you need.

Websites are often slow because they don’t have enough bandwidth or power to handle large amounts of traffic. This is no longer an issue with modern technology that can be utilized by e-commerce experts to make your site lightning fast.

At Big Red Jelly, we utilize powerful tools like Shopify, WordPress, and wix to empower small businesses to overcome those traditional hurdles. We can help you improve your existing branding, site speed, website and more!

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