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Hello and welcome back to another article, today I’m going to be writing about some of the SEO and AI tools that I’ve been using that has helped me drastically improve the quality of organic traffic that comes to my website every month.

As a digital marketer and website designer, I work with clients on platforms like WordPress and Shopify to help them improve their growth over time both organically and through modern conversion rate optimization practices. If you’re interested please consider clicking the link to work with me. Without any further ado here are all the tools that I’ve been using.

Using Semrush for Keyword Research, and Content scheduling.

Sumrush continues to be one of the best search engine optimization tools in my tool belt. The best part is is you don’t even have to pay for a premium subscription to get the same benefits that I get out of it.

I personally use the keyword management tool to help me find long tail keywords that are going to be fairly simple to rank for as long as I am following best SEO practices. for Blog Content Outlines

I won’t be the first marketing professional to tell you that 80% of your SEO work is done in your headings and in your research. But being able to incorporate both of those effectively in a format that makes sense… I’ve been using is an AI content creation tool that you can use for writing blog posts, social media posts meta titles, meta descriptions so on and so forth. I also routinely use it in web design to help give me a little bit of inspiration for my copywriting.

You may notice that chat GPT tends to feel a little bit stale after your first few iterations of copywriting, and I personally have noticed a significant improvement in content layout and organization by using this particular AI tool.

SEO Frank – my favorite SEO Research YouTuber.

I’ve said it before in other blog posts, but SEO Frank is in my opinion one of the most underutilized SEO content creator resources that every marketer and small business should pay attention to. His content may not be as flashy or upfront as Neil Patel, but he tends to do much better and more in-depth work and describe the kind of research that you as a business owner should be doing.

Popular SEO tools – Honorable Mentions: 

There are a few honorable mentions I want to give a quick shoutout for the assistance they periodically have given me when it comes to creating a solid SEO strategy. 


If I don’t know how to do something or am looking for a quick outline, I can often refer to ChatGPT to help me out in a pinch. If you haven’t heard of ChatGPT by now, you are really behind. It’s a large language model AI that has read significant parts of the internet leading up to 2019. 

What does that mean for you? As long as the topic you are consuming is not relevant to the news or topics after the year 2019, you can find very helpful answers to questions just by putting them into a text box – very similar to Google. 


Canva is my favorite design tool and I use it every day to help me make quick mockups, blog headers, design graphics, and more. Although its no Photoshop, it can be very helpful to get the images you need up in a pinch. 

Google Search & Trends 

did you know you can actually find some good keywords just by using google search? For example, do a quick google search and in the “what other people also searched” recomendations will often be keywords you can use to capitalize and create Q/A headers. 

Google Trends is another that can help you capitalize on frequent searches at the time they become popular. However, they can also be a bit hard to follow since they tend to “come and go” with the wind. 

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