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This is the show to watch if you are feeling a Westworld-sized hole in your life.

If you’re anything like me, seasons 2 and 3 of Westworld were a disappointing sequence of events following the absolute masterpiece of season 1. Everything that Westworld season 1 did extremely well, seasons 2 and 3 dramatically fell short. More so, all the things that we didn’t love about season 1… Like confusing episodes, and mismatched motivations seem to be the main point of interest for seasons 2 and 3.

This isn’t a review of Westworld, but to know where Dev’s shines as a miniseries you need to first understand what Westworld did wrong.

Westworld didn’t plan on moving after season 1, and the storyline reflects that. After season 1 a series of randomized events that seem to have no connection to each other lead up to multiple Grand finale that are neither Grand nor final in their storyline.

This Sci-Fi Drama will have you itching for more

Devs, a mini-series released during the shit-storm of 2020, tells an all too familiar story of the distraught widower in search of redemption. But where this beautiful miniseries excels, is in its delivery on a difficult-to-capitalize subject… Time interpolation.

Sonoyo Mizuno, Nick Offerman, and Alison Pill are some of the greatest highlights of this colorful dystopic. Each of them bringing a unique mood, perspective and emotion to each role they play. I fell in love with Sonoyo Mizuno’s brooding and concise interpretation of Lily almost immediately.

A Great Dramatic Representation from Nic Offerman

Nick Offerman was an interesting choice for the part he plays, but I think ultimately he does it well in the perfect “make you uncomfortable with the dystopia” kind of way.

But I think the biggest character that really deserves kudos is the sound design. You know when you’re supposed to be uncomfortable, how uncomfortable to be, and you’re just comfort isn’t held longer than it needs to be.

The sound design perfectly encapsulates the beauty and uncomfortability of the nature of time and I could not be more enthralled with how it plays out in this series.

I highly recommend “Devs” for anyone that is feeling that lack of Westworld vibe in their life.

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