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Let’s face it, social media apps have gotten really boring and oversaturated -not to mention every app is a privacy nightmare! Every app basically does the same thing and works the same way with a big centralization of power amongst the rich. So when I finally found a great competitor that offered a decentralized social media experience, I was more excited than I’ve been to use social media in years. the app that got me so interested in social media again is uHive.

Dcentralized App for Social Media – uHive

The competition we experienced in the golden age of social media that pushed each tech company to innovate has died as the biggest social media apps have been consolidated and bought out by other big brands.

Instagram is no longer good for seeing content from your friends, Facebook is a boring Netscape of hellish news and political division, and Tik Tok has taken over with their algorithm knowing you better than you know yourself.


uhive is a free to download web 3 app on the Google play and Apple Store

What is the uHive Dapp?

uHive is a social media app that is focused on delivering a metaverse-like experience of content discovery.

uHive boasts the following features on their website:

  • Over a million downloads
  • Over 50 million posts and counting
  • Prioritizing democracy and free speech

Like many social media apps, uHive allows people to share videos, photos, and links to their favorite content. uHive also allows people to discover and explore new worlds based off of content categories.

screenshot of the uHive NFT marketplace
The user interface on uHive

For crypto-enthusiasts, uHive allows you to buy nfts, share your art, and offer quick ways to incentivize metaverse purchases within the app. But personally, I think uHive is best when it’s not focused on delivering a metaverse or crypto-funded app, and instead focused on delivering a solid competition to other social media apps that are increasingly becoming not worth your time.

So let’s take a quick dive into this new Metaverse Web 3 project and see what we can find!

Decentralized Social Media Features of uHive 

As I mentioned earlier, uHive is a social media app that is funded by the uHive coin and built based on uHive coin owners’ feedback. I really like the idea of a social media app that’s based on building experiences from the users instead of where the executives feel the brand should go.

This makes it really nice to interact and hang out on the uHive social media app. And probably one of the best features that uHive brings. To the table is their truly innovative discovery section called “The Oasis.”

The Oasis is a totally unique way to discover new content. The founders created what are called “spaces” in which you can scroll around the metaverse of content in. Check out my screen recording below where I explore a number of topics by literally exploring a metaverse of content.

Exploring the metaverse in uHive.

The user interface here is really cool. Building off the idea of a metaverse of content, the Oasis is designed much like a merger of digital space and futuristic maximalism. Topics are easy to explore and clicking on a topic offers great connection and interaction.

Lots of social media apps relegate the discovery feature to a search and scroll. This is really boring and still offers a pretty poor experience when it comes to discovering new content.

This is a truly innovative way to discover new content. Just exploring the UI feels true like exploring a vast world of content. But if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with options (which can happen if you have anxiety from seeing too many options), you can also view the new content with the discovery tab.

screenshot of exploring content on uHive Social Media App
If the Oasis is a bit too much, you can also just use the discovery feature to find new content.

Is uHive a Good Social Media Decentralized App?

uHive is a great social media app that rewards users for interaction, content sharing, following, posting, etc. It also has a lot of really innovative features that make it stand out in a vast sea of social media competition.

Creating a space for your metaverse is very intuitive and fun. I created a space for Metaverse marketing fans to join and interact with me if twitter using quite your thing.

Additionally, interacting with content is really enjoyable with fun like, comment, and share system that makes you want to interact more often with new blog posts.

5 likes on a uHive social media post about basketball
You can add up to 5 likes per post.

What does uHive do poorly?

Unfortunately, despite having truly innovative and solid fundamentals … uHive does have a couple of user interface items missing that I would like to see in future updates.

As a web designer and WordPress developer, I think uHive got a bit carried away with the community features and forgot to build out the personal profile features.

One of those important updates I think users should have the option to do is have a personal profile that is separate from the entire spaces user interface.

uHive screenshot of searching for valorant content
uHive spaces feel great for organizations but not personal enough for individuals.

uHive is entirely organized into spaces. Every account is a space. But I don’t think that space is the best way to represent a person. People are more complex than spaces and have very different priorities than spaces do.

It feels a lot like having to create a Facebook page and try to force that page to be a personal profile. It’s a bit unintuitive and made me not want to invite my friends because I don’t want them to have to force them through the process of creating a “space” that is too big yet simultaneously too small for a single person to feel adequately represented accurately.

purchasing a uHive space on the uHive Social media App
Claiming a new “space” in the uHive Metaverse.

And to be frank, there are a lot of post types that shouldn’t be forced to be an entire space. A really quick and simple improvement that would help the long-term viability of this amazing metaverse project, would be easy ways to add tags to posts regardless of whatever space you put them in. This would allow brands like my own, to have a space dedicated to a certain topic but then explore various subgenres within that topic.

I mean honestly, why is it so difficult for me to switch between my personal, and my business-focused uHive space? I have two spaces.. my Preston V space and my Metaverse Marketing space. I can post from these two separately but switching between the two is impossible and I can’t quite tell how they are related or if they are related at all.

Is uHive the future of democratized social media?

I think this app has a massive amount of potential. The very intuitive and effective dividends for all and rewards-based system for sharing is incentivizing a good user base to interact daily with the app.

I actually plan on staying there and sharing posts and additional marketing tips and tricks on Metaverse Marketing profile. I encourage you to join and find my space if you enjoy this type of content:

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