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2022 was a hard year for a lot of e-commerce businesses. With consumer, dollars stretched thinner, and supply chain issues, many stores needed to cut costs to stay afloat. If your store needs a sales boost, these free Shopify Apps may be the lifesaver you need to boost your e-commerce sales by 15% in 2023.

None of the apps mentioned in this article are affiliate links. Unless explicitly mentioned otherwise, If you chose to click it, everything here is here of its own merits alone – not to make me money. In full transparency, My Shopify, Canva, and Printful links are affiliate links but each has been used and vetted in many of my personal Shopify designs and I believe this post would be severely lacking without them.

Best Shopify Apps According to Reddit

According to Reddit, three Shopify apps will help boost your e-commerce success.

What are the best Shopify apps
by u/RemyOswalt in shopify

I haven’t personally vetted each app in this list, but as an active member of the Shopify Reddit community, I trust the people there to make great recommendations.

Best Marketing Apps for Shopify

Once you’ve created your first e-commerce website, you are going to want to run ads and see the data on who is converting where. These free marketing apps are available on Shopify and will help boost your sales through their marketing insights.

Shopify has a built-in app feature called Sales Marketplaces which outlines apps specifically designed to list your products on other marketplaces, align your marketing data, and make better sales and marketing decisions.

Some of the best marketing apps for Shopify are:

  • Meta for Business
  • Google Shopping
  • Tik tok for Shopify
  • Pinterest for Shopify

Don’t make the mistake of searching the app store for a Pinterest or Facebook app. Though there are a lot of third party apps on the Shopify app store that can be used for these marketplaces and for ad tracking, nothing comes close to the apps actually built and designed for Shopify.

Best page builder and design Apps for Shopify

Shopify themes are an awesome way to easily customize your store. But sometimes you’ll want to add pages or designs that are not available in your theme. For 2023, these are the top apps you should be using to customize your Shopify store.

Pagefly for Shopify Theme Customization.

As a Shopify Web Designer, this app has been a lifesaver on multiple occasions. Pagefly is an app you can use for extreme customization of your Shopify store.

Instead of using the template language Shopify uses for theme development, liquid web, Pagefly works by creating a custom HTML, CSS, and JS page that is can serve as your home page, products page, collections pages, blog page, or a custom template for any of the above.

Pagefly also supports Shopify OS 2.0, and essentially works like a traditional website builder with options to customize exactly where different items go on your Shopify store, and offers deeper mobile customization than any Shopify theme I have seen to date.

As a paid app, I recommend most merchants start and stick to the customizations available in their theme to avoid too many complications and bugs with their store.

If your Shopify store is not on Shopify OS 2.0, I recommend making the migration first to see if the newest Shopify features can fulfillment your needs.

Most Shopify Merchants shouldn’t use Pagefly unless the customizations offered by their theme are severely underserving your needs. Pagefly is a very powerful tool but has a bit of a learning curve that most businesses should take a month or two to learn.

Canva for Shopify Web Design

Every Shopify and eCommerce business should have Canva as an important tool in their tool belt.

Canva is a great tool for creating and customizing your Shopify store. You can create custom graphics, design your icons, and even edit videos using expertly designed templates that can be retrofitted to your exact business needs.

This app is not a Shopify app, and if you click my Canva link, I may be compensated for it. However, I do truly believe Canva is a web app that should be used in every small business marketing plan – especially if you don’t employ a graphic designer.

Every Shopify Business should use Canva, even if it’s just to create customized posts to promote your business on social media with beautiful clarity.

Best Dropshipping Apps for Shopify 2023

Drop shipping is a very popular way to increase the revenue of your Shopify store. The best drop shipping Apps help you find a niche, connect with your audience, and simplify the drop shipping process.

Printful is a common recommendation on this blog because it does so much and the Shopify integration is very seamless. Just add the app to your store, create an account, and sync your products from the Pagefly dashboard to your store.

Some have mentioned that the quality of the cheapest items can be low in quality so I recommend starting with a mug or a phone case if you are starting your first merch store for a Twitch community, YouTube channel, or social media following.

Best Shopify Shipping Apps for 2023

One of the biggest costs that reduce revenue for small e-commerce businesses is shipping. By reducing the amount you pay in shipping costs, you can increase your business’s revenue almost overnight.

Shopify offers its own discounted shipping items for self fulfillment and that’s where I recommend most businesses start. Shipping and handling get complicated fast so for a full overview of what you need to know about Shopify shipping, check out this awesome blog from Adoric about the shipping questions you need to ask of your Shopify store.

But with that, there are a lot of great shopping apps that can take your Shopify store to the next level.

ShipBob for Shopify Shilling and Fulfillment

If you make, sell, or distribute your products.. it can be hard to find a good place to Warehouse your products that ship within an appropriate amount of time.

Especially if you are shipping your products from your personal address or doing all the shipping and handling yourself, using a cheap warehousing solution like ShipBob can help you save money on business costs and time to ship to customers.

After shipping for Order Tracking

This app is very well-reviewed with over 3,000 positive reviews to prove it. AfterShip makes it easy to track your customer’s order automatically after shipping. It keeps you and your customers constantly updated on the shipment stage.

Route Shipping for Shopify Shipping Insurance and Customer Satisfaction.

Route is an awesome Shopify app for small businesses looking to improve the customer experience, reduce returns on sales, and improve their order tracking.

Route has an app customers can install on their mobile devices to track orders which makes it an awesome way to help keep your customers informed on when their order will arrive – which is one of the most common reasons people cancel orders.

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