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When I first started my blog in 2019, I had a couple goals in mind. First, I have always enjoyed the process of writing my thoughts down on paper. It helps me think. Second, I wanted to learn how to do online marketing and I knew a blog was a good way to document and explore digital marketing topics. But my goal has never been to profit from my blog. So why do I put Ads on my blog?

Ads on my blog support my continued investment in the website.

If you have never run a blog before, you will know it’s not an easy task. Sure there are ways to do so for free or even just at a low rate. But you usually have to give up a degree of design, professionalism, and personality that comes from your blog.

Custom domains that don’t end in .wordpressblog or .mywixsite are tacky and make it look like you don’t really care about how your blog looks to your readers.

Even worse, cheap hosting often comes at the detriment of insecure websites and slow load times.

Financing great hosting and a custom domain name are just the start of the costs that come with maintaining a great website. You also need to consider branding costs, time costs, content block, and many more psychological costs that come with knowing how to create a good blog.

And if you read my post on going back to the basics, you will know that making a profit from my blog is not a priority of mine…

Blog ads teach me a lot about the marketing industry

If you are new or a first time reader, welcome 🙂 but first time readers may not know that I am a web designer by work and a marketer in my career.

I work at an agency called Big Red jelly where we help small businesses and startups build their digital marketing fundamentals. We design logos, offer branding resources, build and design websites, and help show people how to use those resources as marketing and sales tools.

In the marketing industry, you need to be constantly learning. There are thousands of niches, technologies and information sources that marketing and design professions need to be constantly researching to stay effective.

In fact, a common joke in the marketing space is “Learn, unlearn and learn again.” So much of the marketing industry is affected by changing and evolving factors. So I use ads on my website to learn about what converts, what doesn’t convert a f what makes users like yourself, decide to click.

Why I Don’t Profit from Ads

Ads can be an easy way to generate profit on a website, but they can also be intrusive, frustrating and most people just don’t like advertisements.

As a marketing professional, I believe ads are the best way we have right now to deliver decent value to people looking for those products or services. But I recognize that many people don’t see it that way.

In fact, when I first started my blog, one of my first posts was about how to be ethical in your marketing. It’s important to me that the marketing industry is run and supported by people who believe in delivering value not by people who believe in milking customers.

Ads and affiliate links on my website support my investment of the blog so I can continue to bring marketing advice and education to business owners for “free.” Of everything I make from Ads or affiliate links, almost double the money is spent on maintenance. If this changes, I’ll be sure to update this post.

Ads on my blog help me understand the marketing economy.

In many ways, the marketing economy changes every week. New brands rise up, new tools become useful, and new techniques develop to continue funding the profitability of marketing.

As I work to put Ads on my website, I learn about the ways the advertising, affiliate, and marketing industry is trending. I learn about effective tools, strategies and brands that I can then recommend to you, the end reader.

Conclusion: Why I don’t Profit from Ads on my Blog

These are the biggest reasons I don’t Profit from Ads on my blog but still use them in many articles. As a marketing professional, I believe it’s important to retain and learn every day about the industry. As someone who learns through experience, I believe this is the best way to both deliver value to you, the reader, and to me the learner.

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  • Nice information. and advice for bloggers.However, we keep learning new things every day. Ads on blog one’s blog is quite ok because it retains customers to stay more on your blog.

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