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The Dell XPS 15 9570 is a versatile laptop that has been on the market for a few years now. In this review, we will take a closer look at the laptop’s design, performance, display and audio, upgrades, customization, price, and value. The purpose of this review is to provide a comprehensive assessment of the laptop’s strengths and weaknesses in 2023.

Design and Build Quality

The design of the XPS 15 9570 has really held up. The bezels are really small, the screen is still one of the best screens in my entire house, and the carbon touch feel makes typing on this device a simple and enjoyable experience.

  • Materials used and durability

The XPS 15 9570 is made with premium materials, including machined aluminum and carbon fiber. This not only gives the laptop a sleek and professional look but also contributes to its durability. The laptop feels solid and well-built and is able to withstand the wear and tear of regular use without showing any signs of damage. In terms of materials, it still feels like a premium laptop that can compete with the best laptops of 2023 like the Macbook Air and XPS 17

  • top down picture of the XPS 15 9570 in 2023 bottom of xps 15 9570 machined aluminum Ports and connectivity options

Maybe my favorite part of the XPS 15 to this day is the port availability on this device. On the left, it comes with a barrel plug for charging, a USB 3 port, an HDMI port, Thunderbolt USB C, and a headphone jack (take that 2023 XPS 13).

left side ports of the xps 15 9570 like USB, Kensington lock and SD card Reader right side ports of the xps 15 9570 right side ports of the xps 15 9570 from another angle On the right side it includes a Kensington lock, another USB 2 port, and a sd card reader port.

Performance in 2023

The XPS 15 9570’s performance in 2023 is still impressive, especially considering its age. Its 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM make it a capable machine for multitasking and running demanding applications.

Additionally, the optional Nvidia GeForce 1050ti MaxQ design means you can get away with some pretty high-quality video editing performance and some solid low-end gaming although this is not to be considered a gaming laptop.

For my workload, the XPS 15 is perfectly able to handle any of the web design and web development tasks I throw at it to this day and I rarely need to use my PC to actually get any creative work done.

Battery Life in 2023

The XPS 15 9570’s battery life is still a strong point, but you need to make sure you know what you are getting. This is an older processor and since its an Intel processor, it runs hot. Heat and batteries do not bode well together so we have a few tips for improving battery life on the XPS 15 9570 in 2023.

Tips for improving battery life:

  • Opt for the 1080p version instead of the 4k screen.
  • Skip Windows 11 if you can avoid it
  • Turn off Bluetooth when at all possible
  • Lower Brightness and select the Balanced Power Profile

If battery life is a top priority, it’s worth noting that the 4K display option can significantly impact battery life. Users who prioritize battery life over display quality may want to consider going for the 1080p model instead. Additionally, upgrading to Windows 11 can also have a negative impact on battery life. We recommend sticking with Windows 10 if battery life is important to you. Overall, while the XPS 15 9570’s battery life is still impressive, users should be aware of the factors that can impact it and make choices accordingly.

Display and Audio

  • Screen resolution and quality

On my unit, I opted for the 4k version of the XPS 15 9570 because my eyes are not great and I love the sheer amount of space I can get out of a 15 inch 4k panel. This screen is absolutely beautiful and highly color accurate covering about 97% of the SRGB/ITU-R BT color space. It’s also plenty bright and you won’t see any reflections in this device unless you are using it in the sun.

The speakers on this laptop are a bit low and not my personal favorite but they are very serviceable. You won’t have any issues hearing someone on Zoom and they won’t have any issues hearing you clearly but if you want it to be a solid speaker, you may want to invest in a desk speaker.

xps 15 9570 and two monitors connected via a wd19s dell docking station

The XPS 15 9570 is my current workhorse laptop I have plugged into a WD19s docking stating to make my workload go by a bit faster. Please ignore my messy desk lol

Upgrades and Customization

When it comes to the XPS 15, upgradability is a crucial factor to consider. One standout feature of this laptop is the ability to upgrade its RAM capacity to an impressive 64 GB. This means that users can enjoy enhanced performance and multitasking capabilities, making it ideal for demanding tasks such as video editing or graphic design.

Additionally, the XPS 15 also offers the convenience of a replaceable battery. This feature ensures that users can easily replace their battery when needed, extending the lifespan of their device and avoiding the need for costly repairs or replacements.

I personally have replaced the battery twice in the almost 7 years since I have had this device and have been really impressed with how easy it is for a seasoned tech individual to make upgrades to this device.

Price and Value VS Today’s best comparison

In today’s fast-paced technological landscape, finding the perfect laptop that balances performance and affordability can be a challenging task. One such contender that has garnered attention is the XPS 15 9570. Priced at $450, it begs the question: is it truly worth its price in 2023? To answer this, we will compare it to its competitors, such as the Macbook M1 Air, and explore how it fares against other budget midrange laptops. By weighing its features and capabilities against its price point, we can determine whether the XPS 15 9570 offers a compelling value proposition for those seeking an excellent laptop under $500.

Compared to the Macbook M1 Series, the Macbook Air is a very competitive laptop but it comes in at about $300 more than the XPS 15 9570 and has a very poor selection of ports. You can get away with fewer ports on the MacBook if you buy a dongle or a desktop dock like the WD19S I currently use on my XPS 15.

Final Verdict

Pro’s of the XPS 15 in 2023:

  • Amazing graphics and CPU Power under $500
  • Solid Build Quality, Design and Screen
  • Great port selection

Cons of the XPS 15 in 2023

  • dwindling battery life on 4k and Windows 11
  • Noticable fan noise when running full throttle
  • Noticeable heat on full load.

If you not the kind of person that needs long battery life and don’t have any specific MacOS apps you need to use in your work, the XPS 15 is the best way to go.

Among other midrange laptops, the XPS 15 has insane amoubnts of graphics horsepower as most modern midrange laptops in this price range have to rely on the power of an integrated CPU/iGPU.

In comparison to most midrange laptops, there are some better options if you don’t need the graphical horsepower that are on sale at the time of writing, namely the Inspirion 15 or the HP envy. But if you need graphics power for your business or schoolwork, you should go with the XPS 15 9570

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