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Have you ever been browsing a social media and just started to feel overwhelmed by the massive amount of content?

Or maybe you’ve browsed through your news app, and felt like there were too many things going wrong in the world at the exact same time.

This happens because we have a limited amount of mental bandwidth for information. Negative news, cute baby pictures, the hot new video game, the new movie coming out, what my friends are watching, what that one politician said…

After a while we start to become overwhelmed by all the information and need to find something else to consume that isn’t overwhelming.

This has become increasingly more obvious in the way we design our websites. The information needs to be to the point and succinct. If you don’t tell your consumers what you do in 7 seconds or less, you lose them.

Too much information clustered into a compact web space, leads to fewer clicks and less web engagement.

This is what you should be considering when you build your social media content. Here are a few questions I ask myself when creating content that can help optimize your leads mind space.

1) what am I asking my consumers/followers to do with this post?

2) is the content I’m creating here cluttered?

3) how can I simplify my message

I think if you are finding your content complex or hard to digest, asking these questions will show you the way to an optimized posting/website philosophy.

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