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Gen Z and Late Millenials Are Taking More of Their Lives Online. What’s the Appeal?

We all know the reason why desktop computing became so popular immediately after everyone was forced inside… but most people bought out of necessity, not passion. Sure getting a computer is cool and all, but usually, that interest in the computer wears off after a few weeks and you’re just left with the work associated with the computer.

On the flip side, gamers and PC enthusiasts have always found joy and excitement in putting together a PC part list, gathering all the parts from various manufacturers, and putting together a unified piece of overpowered gaming equipment.


I believe it’s because PC enthusiasts and gamers understand the future of our entire reality is based on a digital metaverse that can only be accessed with a computer.

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Sure there’s always going to be elements of our lives that are going to need to be bathed in physical reality, but even healthcare is starting to become more digital. I did my last doctor’s appointment on my phone for God’s sake.

But what a PC represents to gamers and PC enthusiasts is like building your home in a brand new state. This workstation, desktop, gaming hub, and social center is where Gen Z is building out its entire legacy. Art forms like NFT’s, currencies like Bitcoin, and social spaces like discord are where Gen Z has increasingly turned. Don’t believe me? Just read this CNBC article about a 6-year-old making 6 figures selling weird whale NFT’s

Personally, my computer represents a lot of opportunities for me. At my computer, I have switched careers, made new friends, found new hobbies, and redefined myself.

I’d wager I’m not alone.

In fact, even if you’ve never built a PC before, how much of your life is hosted on somebody else’s server? How many times a day do you update Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat? How many times a day do you read a book, listen to a podcast, play a game, listen to music, anything!

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Every year the amount of screen time that we spend looking at our phones gets higher and higher. I think we don’t need to be afraid of screen time if we understand why we do it.

Your mobile phone is your gateway to the future, an immediate reminder of your past, and an opportunity to shape the future.

To a gamer, a PC is just a bigger gateway with wayyyyyy better controls.

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