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In 2023, it’s gotten surprisingly difficult to pick a good laptop if you are in the market. However, as a blogger and laptop enthusiast, I have spent a lot of time writing and researching which laptops I would recommend for various tasks in 2023 for Writers, bloggers, and content creators so you can know what is the best deal to take advantage of this Prime day. 

The 5 Best Laptops For Writers And Bloggers (overall)

1) MacBook Air M1 2020.

The best apple laptop for writers in 2023

With amazing battery life, an improved keyboard, and the longest software support in the industry, the Macbook Air M1 is probably the best Laptop for any writer by far.

2) Lenovo IdeaPad Pro 5 for Business

Maybe macOS just isin’t your thing or maybe $800 is just a bit outside your price range. No worries. Number 2 on our list is the Lenovo Ideapad pro 5 for Business.  Lenovo has been a blogging and writing favorite brand for ages. Their keyboards are famously great and their solid offerings for relatively low cost often make them a preferred laptop for writers and bloggers on the go.


This particular laptop is configured with a great bang for the buck Ryzen 5000 series CPU that beats out Intel’s offering at the same price. With a backlit keyboard and solid performance, this $599 laptop is a steal.

Lenovo IdeaPad Pro 5 for Business screenshot from

The Lenovo IdeaPad Pro 5 May be the best competitor to the Macbook Air M1. Its got great preformance, a solid build quality and decent battery life.

Lenovo IdeaPad Pro 5 for Business

What makes the Lenovo IdeaPad Pro 5 good for writing? 

Lenovo consistently is considered a great brand if you care at all about the typing experience on your mobile devices but its also a great brand to look to when you are a bit of a “Do it all” writer. This particular laptop is about $200 less than the MacBook at the time of writing and has a lot of great features that can make it really nice for writers. 

Software Support

Maybe just behind Apple, if you are looking to buy a laptop that is likely going to last a long time and you value long-term software support, Lenovo has you covered. Lenovo has a pretty great track record in the laptop enthusiast community for being able to support their products long-term. Additionally, this laptop comes with Windows 11 Pro so you won’t need to worry about the laptop you buy today not being able to support all the greatest software features that Microsoft releases in the coming years. Its got a great processor and 8GB of ram / 512 SSD storage is plenty for most writers, bloggers, etc. who may need to get their hands dirty in HTML on the odd occasion. 

Full Layout Keyboard! 

I absolutely love full-layout keyboards, especially when I am working on a big project that may occasionally require some number crunching. It outclasses the MacBook here in terms of ports (you can actually get access to more than just a couple of USB C ports and the full layout makes it a must-have for any writer who consistently has to run some numbers on their website. 

Best ‘last gen’ Windows laptop for cheap – Dell XPS 13 9305

If you are looking for a laptop with a good keyboard, and great battery life that can also serve as a solid business laptop, the XPS 13 9305 might be a good pick for you. As a self-described fan of the XPS series, I always like to mention the last generation of XPS Windows devices as they usually have a stunning display, amazing keyboards, and overall pretty great performance. 

Outside the MacBook line, this solid 13-inch device delivers the best performance in a premium chassis without breaking the bank. Since it’s last year’s laptop, you can often find great deals at or below $1000

XPS 13 9305 laptop against a white background.

The XPS 13 9305 may be the best laptop to pick up right now at 549.99 if you are looking for a great all-around Windows device.

This is a ‘last gen’ laptop but it is by no means a sloucher. With a great 11th-generation Intel i7 CPU, 1080p crisp display, and a solid keyboard, this option is a great way to target that MacBook-like experience on Windows.

Best Chromebook for Writers

If you haven’t bought a laptop in a few years, you may still have heard about the cloud experiment Google has been pushing in the educational space. Though Chromebooks are not made with the most powerful hardware, the lighter operating system of ChromeOS usually makes up for it.

By opting to use Chrome and browser tools like Google Docs, you get a steal of a laptop. One of my favorite deals on a Chromebook is the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 4. This Chromebook has 4 gbs of ram which is great for a Chromebook and is plenty light to carry around the coffee shop or your home office.

What makes Chromebooks good for writing? 

Chromebooks are made by a ton of different manufacturers but the best ones are often made by Samsung, Lenovo or Dell. Chromebooks are great laptops for writing which may be why Google is pushing them so hard in the education market. There are a couple of things that help them stand out. 

Software Support

Modern Chromebooks last forever… because chrome OS is almost literally just a browser OS with a light user interface on it, Chromebooks can last a lifetime. Modern chromebooks are promised to have a longer support timeline with some older Chromebooks even getting support extended to 2025!

Budget Friendly Devices

If you have a budget and you need to stick to it, there is no better device than a Chromebook. Chromebooks are often very low-budget and will handle any sort of browser-based application you throw at them very well. For around $200, Chromebooks are the best devices for writers or bloggers on a budget. 

Battery Life

Because it doesn’t take a lot of processing power to run a Chromebook, they often are able to run at very low clock speeds which results in amazing battery life. If you are anything like me and having low battery life is your biggest pet peeve and you don’t really need anything more powerful than a Google document and website management tool, this could be the best device for you!

Best Places to Buy Used and Refurbished PCs as a Blogger

Used and refurbished PCs can be a great way for getting great tech on a budget. Personally, I love to buy used from Amazon refurbished, eBay, or Back Market if I can get away with it. These amazing retailers will have good deals on any Windows, Mac, or chromeOS device. As a bonus, being able to extend the life of a tech product is a more eco friendly way of supporting the planet! Reuse! 

What Laptop Operating System is Best for Writers and Bloggers?

Choosing a good laptop comes with knowing what operating system is best for your needs. Windows, MacOS, and chrome os are the 3 most popular and best operating systems for purchasing in 2022. But which one is best for you?

MacOS is a great operating system for many people if they want to sync their notes from their phone to their laptop easily and effectively. But it also comes with a pretty heavy cost since Apple does not let you use their OS on another device. This is often what makes an Apple laptop so much more expensive than other laptops on the market. 

However, I cannot deny the value of being able to take a MacOS device and connect it to your iPhone. If you have an iPhone right now, the Mac device will likely be the best and easiest choice for you right now as the M1 MacBook is such a great value at $800 that no other laptops can compare with quite the same value proposition at that price. 

Is Windows a Good OS for Blogging? 

Absolutely, as a blogger for about 4 years now… I have been using WordPress on my Windows laptop and Windows PC I built myself. Both are amazing performers and still chugging away at any task I throw at them. But you do need to know how to find good Windows laptops… 

The average Windows PC under $500 is not usually going to last you super long. They are made to fail within a few years (generally speaking) and are often stuck to using Intel which (depending on the year) may or may not be an advantage. 

How to buy a good Windows Laptop in 2023 

Although I am not an expert in laptop purchases, I am a bit of a tech nerd and spend a lot of time looking into valuable computer parts. To find a good valuable Windows machine in 2023, it’s highly recommended to: 

  1. Try Buying Last generation products new right before new products are released. This is usually when the biggest deals are offered on last-generation inventory and “old” products are still often a great purchase. That’s why the XPS 13 9305 is still a good contender on our list. 
  2. Buy from manufacturers you trust. Personally, I love Dell and they offer pretty decent warranties on even their refurbished models. 
  3. When you can’t buy new and with a warranty, consider buying new or refurbished. 

As someone who used to fix up and refurbish old laptops, I am a big fan of buying refurbished ones. Refurbished PCs are often just from big companies that upgraded their entire department computers and needed some new devices. Often when you buy refurbished, you also get a price guarantee and warranty period from the refurbished. My personal favorite refurbished is but even your local PC refurbishment store can likely give you a good deal. 

Is ChromeOS good for Writers?

ChromeOS is a lightweight and very efficient OS. Because it does not require a lot of power to run, many people chose Chromebooks because they don’t need a lot of power and therefore the cost of materials is lighter. Historically, Chromebooks have been used in the education space primarily to make school easier so you might want to consider a Chromebook for your budget writing laptop. Check out our favorite ChromeOS laptops here.

What is a good Windows laptop for Writers?

Windows has been a very popular operating system since the first consumer computers were released. Because of its longevity and customizability, and consider it the default operating system. If you have a keen eye, you can find a great Windows laptop for writing and blogging very easily. Here are our favorite Windows machines for bloggers and writers.

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